The Manipal Experience: DeeTee by Abanishwar Sen

Soon in Bangalore!

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.
These are the words every individual who enters DeeTee comes to live by. In Manipal when someone walks up to you and says dark times are coming you don’t panic and think life is going to go wrong, you fist bump that someone and ask them what time you are leaving for DeeTee.

Soon in Bangalore!

No one has ever seen what DeeTee looks like when lit up well. No one finds their friends once they lose them in DeeTee, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll have an entirely new social group by the time the night is done.

This hub seems to be the heart and soul of the party in Manipal. A DJ who has no genre discrimination will have you howling Bohemian Rhapsody at one moment and then pumping your fist to Swedish House Mafia the next. The crowd lives and breathes every beat and the night will melt all boundaries and all of DeeTee will be one.

Come here with your friends or come alone, its irrelevant, a good time is guaranteed. Finding someone above the age of 27 here is as rare as finding a four-leaf clover. DeeTee has good snacky food items and better party drinks. The pricing is one of the cheapest found in Manipal but all men will usually find themselves paying a cover charge to get in.

DeeTee is also rumoured to be good place to find available singles in your area and if you don’t find said singles the couples will make up for them. DeeTee has two kinds of nights : memorable nights and nights you can’t remember at all but either way when you wake up and find the DeeTee logo on your arm you know you’ve had a good time.

I’d  recommend DeeTee to all non claustrophobic young adults looking to party. Good music and an enthusiastic crowd is a constant but if you want a little quiet time I suggest you walk in the opposite direction. It is located opposite Hakuna Matata on the road where all clubs can be found. Go looking for a good time and you will not be disappointed.

About the Author: Abanishwar is a 19-year-old student from Bangalore who loves reading and writing. He was chosen as a junior contributor for Times of India. He blogs at Life Is What It Is.

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