The Magic of Retiring in Ann Arbor

If you’re looking for a retirement destination that will offer you the benefits of a rich culture, a cosmopolitan environment and is comparatively inexpensive, maybe you’d like to consider Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan.

The population of this town is slightly over 114,000, with 8% of residents being over the age of 65 years. This is where the University of Michigan is located. In fact, the cultural life of the town centers on the university, ranging from live musical shows at The Ark to plays performed at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater. There are 38,000 students at the University where you’ll also find Gothic architecture.

Apart from the pleasures of life in Ann Arbor, the fact that Detroit is only 43 miles away is an advantage in itself. So if you’re keen on cultural pursuits, you can reach the renowned Fisher Theatre in Detroit as well as the Detroit Institute of Arts in less than an hour. Sporting events are regarded as highlights whenever they are held and are welcomed with gusto.

There are other reasons why you will love living in Ann Arbor. If you are happy with the beauty of nature, you’ll find plenty of it here, as there are a number of scenic beaches and lakes fairly close by. Temperatures here vary between 71.5° and 24° F.

There are also as many as 147 beautiful parks. If you feel like venturing out further, you could join the Ski Club or the Bicycle Touring Society. These organizations arrange safe and economically priced expeditions to various locations around the state.

Although prices of property in Ann Arbor have been going up, they are still not too high. For instance, a 3-bedroom house for a single family in Arbor will be available for about
$ 210,000. You could also get a large condo for about $ 1,300 per month.

Property taxes here are calculated according to a complex plan. According to this, property taxes for an average 3-bedroom house have been estimated at about $ 4,755. The town is small enough to feel friendly, yet sophisticated enough for retired people to feel at home.

The cost of living here is fairly reasonable, with income tax being levied at 4% and sales tax at 6%. Traffic tickets will generally be less than $ 10. There’s no dearth of restaurants where you could pack in a substantial breakfast or lunch for just about $5. The state of Michigan also provides drugs for senior citizens on various discount schemes.

On the whole, you’ll find that people move to Ann Arbor simply because they love the place. It’s considered a city of smart people who tend to draw more smart people. Boredom is one thing you won’t have to worry about in Ann Arbor. This is one place where you can expect to be touched by the intellectual flavor of the environment, not least of which comes from the University.

Even retired people who have moved to Ann Arbor from elsewhere say they feel stimulated by the environment and are able to carry on with their cultural, political and intellectual activities.

So, do you think Ann Arbor sounds like the kind of place you would like to live in once you hang up your boots? If so, perhaps it’s time to give it some serious thought so that you can strike while the iron is hot. Nothing could be worse than a missed opportunity – this could be one that you’ll regret for a long, long time.

So why not go for it and act now? Secure your future once and for all in a place that you cannot help but love. Remember not everyone gets to live in a place that they fancy. So you should consider yourself one of a privileged few. Check it out and you’ll probably find that this is nothing short of a dream destination!

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