The Legend That is Atticus Finch

There's nothing much to learn now anyways, except probably algebra.
The legend that is atticus finch 1
There’S Nothing Much To Learn Now Anyways, Except Probably Algebra.

I  picked up a copy of  ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird ‘ at a very young and impressionable age. I remember picking it up and hesitating a little. That moment of deliberation changed my life. I have since gone through the engrossing tale thousands of times and each time it brings in me a mingling  sense of love ,emotion, righteousness so profound that I still marvel.

It tells the story of a lazy, sleepy-eyed southern town called Maycomb and how it evolves through a period of changing ideologies on most significantly  racism. Without actually preaching , it manages to instill a sense of right and wrong , good and evil, through a series of unfolding events. What sets this apart is that it is witnessed and chronicled through the eyes of an eight year old girl. The shades of grey that we adults tend to see in most events is skilfully seen as black and white by the children of this book.

The main protagonist is a lawyer named Atticus Finch who embodies all that is good in this world.In his quiet,unobtrusive way, he tries to set to right what has been wronged and bring justice to the shunned. Needless to say he became a household name in the world  and continues to be so till date.He brings a sense of credibility to the profession that is law. Lawyers since have profusely voiced their admiration and gratitude to this legendary crusader.

The book teaches us courage ,compassion, humility ,integrity while captivating the life and times of the myriad  characters. It is my belief though, that the message that comes out strongest is hope. Hope for humanity. Hope that inside every man resides a vestige of purity and innocence , no matter how horrendous his crimes may be. Hope that sooner than later people will come out of the cobwebs of ignorance and bias. Just Hope…

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