The girl I met there – Shantu Sharma


The girl i met there - shantu sharma 2One fine day strutting leisurely

tried escaping the routine hurly-burly,

pinned on thoughts wavering inside

putting aside my daily repertoire.


I walked into a glorious face

enchanting with her sublime grace,

stunning in one look, divine in the other

I saw her, fumbling with books at the fair.


Shying under the lenses she wore

mumbling in manner you would adore,

wandering in her thoughts afar

she stood there with attention and care.


Seemed subtly dismayed as  she slurred

could feel her wondering at every word,

like she questioned their very existence

stripping their all outer layer.


Carrying a glimmer of hope in her eyes

seemingly so clear, chaste and wise,

away and away from the maddening rush

drawing gentle gleam and spreading care.


Jingling bangles in her hands

I thought as gleamy magic wands,

resonating softly and sweetly

such charm reflected those precious ware.


Her glance and my stare, there we met

quietude must prevail, I interpret,

she withdrew her strength from the words

and returned back to her silent prayer.


Periodically silence as she chose

I heard her breath I was so close,

but the numbness that overwhelms me

I let go of moments this precious and rare.


While my heart was rendered weak and inert

dwindling in joy, peace and mirth,

mind overwhelmed with fear of unknown

she kept on whispering warmth in the air.


Among the myriad thoughts beaming above

how it flowed a soaring sea of love,

when the breeze whistled past us

leaving a gentle brush through her hair.


She ignored and walked to get her way

as I wondered how this could end in nay,

wrestling my way I looked around

in hope, in shame, in despair.


She was leaving, it struck… oh dear

had the events turned out a little better,

only if I could tried a bit harder

and got her on a platform to share.


How I wished you could stay a little longer

how I wished you could delve a little deeper,

how I wished you could come a little nearer

how I wished you not be my heart-slayer.


Wishes work in such crazy ways

today exposed, tomorrow in haze,

the seedling, but rushed to bloom

poor me…  never knew if it was there.


It was difficult for me to hold on

to the castle i built on sand dune,

and dispel my dreams into thin air

to end this lovely but one-sided affair.


Took the metro home, brooding alone

oh what I lost, before I could own,

felt a light pat on the back, I turned.

a divine voice came, “hi, I’m the girl from the fair”!.

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