The Girl at the Varlon fair – Aditya Chowdhury


The girl at the varlon fair - aditya chowdhury 1

Her radiant beauty as an endless sea has not forsaken my eyes,

With a self and soul of divine virtues may not be seen twice.

In my thoughts she frequently smiles and roams here and there;

Through all my life I would remember her as the girl at the Varlon fair.


It was that time, which was more than time when I came to the Varlon town,

My adolescence had rested in peace, my youth coronated with a crown.

The town wasn’t just a commoner’s place, nor had the magnificence of Rome;

but a place which unbinds me from myself, nevertheless my second home.


The Varlon fair, with its juvenile crowd rejoiced on the gypsy’s ground;

The drums, the crackers enchanted the fair along with its merry making sound.

In an ensemble of daredevils and jugglers there was something more to stare;

Revealed as a charm out of a maddening crowd, my girl at the Varlon fair.


Her eyes were covered by a Venetian mask; the rest was a noble attire,

The artless smile on her virgin lips could soothe my purest desire.

She came near and held my hand, which bonded the two young souls,

We entered the realm of Almighty’s Grace without any material goals.


It was a journey of immortal moments, with a gift of eternal bliss,

As a ride to the highest mountain peak or the voyage of the seven seas.

With a deep faith like some strings attached, with only a dream to care;

To walk the road of eternity with my love at the Varlon fair.


In the end of the fair there was a caravan, isolated from the rest;

She advanced their and I followed, with my mind full of zest.

As I entered, I saw no one but a picture and two candles on lead

My minds bewildered, because the picture was her, my girl was long dead.


I loved her as I loved no one, unknowing she is alive or late;

I thank to God that I am blessed as her (the girl’s) affection was in my fate

With faith in my mind, I wish to see again, my only true soul pair,

Through all my life I would remember her as my girl at the Varlon fair.


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