The Girl at the Fair – Dhruv Arora


The Girl at the Fair - Dhruv Arora 1With pearls for eyes, and wayward hair
A shade of beautiful found nowhere
I saw my world collapse today
I saw her at the fair

With grace that heaven couldn’t deny
And a smile that lights up every night
With a face that makes angels cry
And a sinfull kiss that makes it all right
She wakes with a sudden start
With bags under eyes and a heavy heart
A guilty conscience that won’t tire
She’ll leave you burning with desire
Torn apart within herself
She’s looking for a reason
To gratify her inner self
Without committing treason

Her hair is soft as heaven
Her eyes a shade of fine wine
Her body, a lustful orchestration of perfection
And her presence is divine
She knows it full and well how she
With a hint of a glance can leave you craving
She exists without me, lives within me
She’ll break your heart and leave you breathing
Her smile can rip you apart
A warm embrace and a cold, cold heart
Her very presence will get you beaming
Hold you close and leave you screaming

I am tired… my vision hazy
Her absence driving me crazy
I keep praying to have her with me
Sometimes I feel that god’s just lazy

I pray someday I’ll have my way
And hold her close, but she wishes me away
She knows she holds her past below
And a world of possibilities above her
But it saddens me she’ll never know
Just how much I love her
With hopeful eyes and silent screams
I look at the girl of my dreams
In the arms of another, and then it seems
That maybe I just don’t deserve her

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