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The end of time, as we know it!! - tushar pathiyan 1TOPIC: The Tablet, 21/12, Technology saves humanity from the Mayans.

Sitting on top of the Temple of Cross, with the sunlight slowly fading away, he knew what it all meant! Nothing mattered anymore, he was free! It was only the beginning and he had her by his side!

Growing up in the city of Mumbai, Marles Barkley had a pretty normal childhood! Towards his late teens, he took a keen interest to math, astronomy and ancient history! He understood Mathematics, Astronomy but when it came to interacting with other people nothing made sense! He was tall, lanky and pale from being indoors all the time. For as long as he could remember, he never really had any good friends! He did not come from a rich family and worked very hard to pay for his college. Ever since he started going to University, he was always short of money and was willing to try anything to make some extra cash!

An ad in the paper seemed like it was the answer to all his problems. The ad was for a psychological experiment. It was a global experiment with people from all around the world! The money promised was way more than he could make in 4 years!  The experiment required all selected group of candidates to fly to Mexico (all expenses paid for) where they would be given a host of chemical drugs and the effects would be studied.

This was perfect for Marles, there was no one who was going to miss him at home and he had always wanted to visit the Mayan Civilization site! The Mayan Civilization was a very advanced civilization! The Mayan Tablet or Calendar always intrigued Marles. Most scholars dismissed it as wrong but Marles knew there was something more to it! According to the Mayan Calendar, The end of time is on 21/12/2012. There is no clear description of what happens after that date. Marles had done extensive research on the calendar and how it relates to other cultures of that same time and what he found was that every culture describes something similar which occurs around the same time.

He made it through the selection without any problems! In less than a week after the selections, he was in Mexico! The experiment began, it was a week of experiments and at the end of which (if you made it) you get paid 20,000$. The chemicals seemed to have no effect on Marles! Some of the other candidates began hallucinating and acting strange. As soon as this happened, they were separated from the rest of the test subjects! The experiment was supposed to awaken the energy within or also known as the Kundalini! In Yoga, Kundalini can be achieved by years of Meditation. What these scientists were trying to do was evoke it with chemicals. By the 7th day, it was only Marles and this girl, Eva! Eva was beautiful, with long brown hair and a smile that could light up anyone’s day! He always wondered why she was there!  They both were escorted out of the experiment area the next day and handed their cheques! It was only the two of them though!

Marles had developed some kind of a relationship with Eva over the past seven days and hoped that she would stay in touch! Not letting anything get in the way, he began his adventure to the Mayan Civilization site. It was a long 10 hour bus journey ahead which he hoped he could sleep through. As the bus began moving, he could feel himself slipping away into another world. The roads in Mexico were similar to the ones in India and he had mastered sleeping through the bumpiest roads.

Half way through the journey, it started happening. He realized that with every bump there was a surge of light that he could feel which went through his spine. With each bump it got stronger. He woke up and waited for the next bump, just to make sure it wasn’t all just a dream! The next one was intense, a strong surge of light and energy starting at the base of his spine going straight up to his brain. It was something he had never felt before. Another big hump in the road and the energy from within was released; he could feel a constant flow of energy through his entire body! The bus, the bumpy road, everything just disappeared! He suddenly felt really calm, happy and more than anything, content! After what seemed like hours, he could see the bus, his surroundings again! The feeling of nirvana was still there and a sense of realization started to dawn on Marles.

His scientific mind was trying to explain it but he already knew the answers. He knew everything he ever wanted to know. He knew more that he should know! The only way he could explain it was that he had plugged in to a super computer and was now running on its processing speed! He realized why he was having this surge of energy through him. It was the experiment, it was working! The pressure to base of his spine because of the bumpy roads was the key to the experiment which they had overlooked. He thought about going back to the experiment area and realized that would not be a good idea considering 20 people went in and only 2 came out!

He made his way to the main Mayan temple, the Temple of Cross and as he looked up at the step pyramid temple, he had an epiphany! He knew how he could figure out what the Mayan Tablet meant.


The king or Kuhul ajaw of the Kingdom of Saal had ruled successfully for over 50 years. It was part of the Mayan Civilization. The King would have never had such a kingdom had it not been for his trusted Minister, Kwai Jaabo! Kwai became minister by pure fate. One day when the king had to fight an enemy  in a Battle to the death , it was Kwai with his smart tactical planning that shifted the fight in the Kings favour and made him win. Ever since then, the King has always kept Kwai by his side. Kwai came from a farmer family but had a sudden change in interest at the age of 20. His mother found him scribbling strange drawings and feared that he might have been possessed. The King’s scholar was passing through the village when he recognized the drawings to be very advance math. The scholar brought the Kwai to the King just before the fight, where he presented with the King a strategic plan to outwit his much bigger and stronger opponent. That plan saved the King’s life!

Kwai was married soon after he had his first meeting with the king. The king searched the land for a beautiful bride fit for his new Minister. Kwai was very pleased with the King’s choice. Her name was Ebueu, it was love at first sight! She was very supportive of Kwai and seemed very happy to have been married to a man like Kwai! They were soulmates!

Kwai with the other King’s scholars sat tirelessly for years trying to map out and figure out the days , the seasons and the tides. It was after many years of research that they were able to devise a method to date the time and period. The calendar was very similar to our calendar today but with slight variations, certain specific days overlapped and some days were missing. The calendar was not infinite, it marked an end. Kwai predicted, the end was not an end but a shift in the way we view our world, a shift in the way we view time.

The kingdom of Saal was crucial for the growth and expansion of the Mayan civilization! The ingenious building methods, advancements in mathematics and astronomy were all part of this era. The King knew his success was only because of his Minister, Kwai. He treated him with utmost respect, made sure Kwai had a very comfortable life, fit for a king! He even built the Temple of Cross in honor of his Minister and dear friend Kwai.

After living a long and satisfying life Kwai lay on his death bed, his King by his side. He thought of his wife Ebueu. He had spent 50 happy years with his beautiful wife, who with age grew even more beautiful. She had passed away a few years ago and ever since then Kwai imagined what it would be like to go back. He wondered what his wife would’ve said, had she known the truth. He wished he could have taken her back too. Was he ready to go back? Would he be able to make it back or was this the end.


As Marles made it to the top of the Temple of cross racing past the other tourists, everything made sense! He realized that we as living creatures all have two levels of consciousness, one that is ours and the other which is shared! The only reason he knew this was because he was able to access this shared consciousness! Time was nothing like he had been taught or learnt. Time was something which did not have a beginning or an end, time existed everywhere all at once. It was our consciousness that shifted. This meant that all of time already exists! Time travel would be possible, just not in the conventional way we thought it was. He was able to comprehend space and time with a completely new outlook. In order to shift through time, all he had to do was shift his consciousness. Since out shared consciousness has always existed, moving from one consciousness to another should not be a problem! He reached the top sat down and decided to try this theory out! His first thought was to find out what the Mayan Tablet meant. He closed his eyes focused his energy that was flowing through him towards that time or consciousness.

When he opened his eyes, he was sitting in a small dark room. Had it worked? The room was made of stone with a window right next to him. He looked out and saw a woman washing clothes. He suddenly knew who that woman was, she was his mother. He had new memories of things that never happened to him but at the same time they felt so real. He slowly stepped out of the room and was greeted with a hug from his mother! Still shaken up he walked towards a stone tank of water and as he bent down to wash his face, he saw what his theory meant. He wasn’t Marles anymore, he wasn’t in 2012 anymore, he was staring at a dark haired, tough looking young man. Someone he knew through memories that never happened. His first reaction was to mathematically prove what had just happened and so he immediately headed for a stone and began carving equations on them. He could hear his mother voice in the background, “Kwai why are you doing this? Are you alright.” Her cries got louder as she believed her son to be possessed. “MY SON IS POSSESSED!” Kwai not listening to any of this kept on scribbling onto the stone. Marles could not believe he was back in the Mayan civilization, it was unreal!

As Kwai took his last breath, he closed his eyes and waited. A part of him wanted it all to end but he knew that would not be the case. He slowly opened his eyes and what he saw seemed like a distant memory, a dream! He was staring into the horizon at the setting sun over the jungle. As he sat on top of the temple of cross, the same temple his dear friend, the King had built in his honor, he missed his wife. He knew this was not heaven. Years had gone by yet not a second had passed. He looked down and saw his familiar skinny arms, khaki pants with his favorite Nike shoes! He was back! He turned around and saw Eva standing there! Overjoyed at seeing a familiar face, he jumped up to hug her! As he stepped towards her, he saw tears in her eyes! She slowly moved towards him and whispered “ Kwai is that you?”

Marles could not believe it, she knew about his journey! Had she gone on a similar journey? How did she know his name. She stepped closer and hugged him! There was a strange familiarity and comfort in this hug! With her face in his chest, she whispered under her breath. “I love you Kwai”. It then dawned on him, the whole time, all those beautiful years, his wife Ebueu was Eva! She had travelled to the same time or consciousness! They had a bond between them during the experiment and so when Marles travelled back so did Eva. Eva realized Kwai was Marles on the day before she passed away. She found a tablet where Kwai had written in English! She was ecstatic at reading English after all those years and wanted to tell Kwai! The Following day Kwai was to return from an expedition. As fate would have it, she died of a heart attack just before Kwai reached home. None of that mattered anymore, they were together once again.

As they sat down together on top of the Temple of Cross watching the sun set, he began to wonder what other events of the world would they would be able to revisit! Another great mystery that always intrigued Marles was Nostradamus!!

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