The Crows of Manipal

“One Nuttela sandwich, akka,” my stomach is growling angrily as I stand in front of the Indira akka waiting for my sandwich. It’s the end of a long grueling day and all my mind can foresee and imagine is the thought of my teeth sinking into thick chocolate sauce between 2 slices of soft white bread. Ah! she’s done with the sandwich. I eagerly take it from her, unwrap it and attack it hungrily. The chocolate tastes soooo good as ever. Wait. What’s that noise? I can hear flapping sounds and wind rushing near my ears. I look up and (see something black, move with the speed of light. It’s a plane!… it’s a UFO!… its superman!… it’s a crow ?!

Before I know it I have one of these awful black winged creatures sitting on my head and flapping its wings furiously. I am still confused about their sudden interest in me when I suddenly see another of these things make a clean dive for my hand. My sandwich! They want my sandwich! Sudden determination fills me. They will NOT take my food! Two more of these shameless birds swoop down on me and start circling me. I scream. I yell. I lash out with my umbrella. These birds refuse to budge but I will not give up either. How dare they!

Crow with Sandwich
Alter 5 minutes of relentless flapping and brave fighting on my side, they finally leave me. I am filled with joy which evaporates instantly the moment I see my hand. They won. They took it: they took my lovely chocolate sandwich. I stand sadly, scratched, tired, hair in a mess, as I watch the birds fly away. Ah well, lesser mortals. One must always be kind and considerate towards them. Resigned to the fact that I was not destined to have a chocolate sandwich that day, I go back to my room.

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