The Conjuring- Worth it?

After Phoonk, its sequel and a couple other pathetic screamers been thrown into theatres, it was no doubt kids everywhere were skeptical about “The Conjuring”. I mean, it’s got the same drab and dull story line to it anyway: a family buys a new house in the middle of nowhere (and they don’t fail to mention it at the beginning) that turns out to be haunted. Like always, there’s a pretty mother, a father that looks borderline tough, a dog (that senses the inhuman presence from the beginning and is soon eliminated) and kids- daughters and seven to eight year olds are more than a compulsion. Has to do with them getting spooked and seeing the ghost first or something. There’s always something the family discovers about the house, something the realtor failed to mention while they were being shown around the place. The Conjuring follows this basic routine as every other horror flick, but this time they made the “rescuers” a little more personal. They introduce Ed and Lorraine Warren– a tag team couple that goes about the country doing nothing but battle the supernatural.

The Perrons buy a new house in an auction held by their bank. Their excitement at having procured such a beauty at a decently priced offer soon disappears with odd happenings that put a dent in their psyche. They are driven over the edge by fear and lack of sleep and resort to sleeping together out of fear for their very lives. They finally confront the Warrens in regards to their “situation” and implore they help them. After a little investigation, they come down to the real story behind the goings-on and quite obviously perform the all too well-known exorcism.

Despite the overused stereotypes this movie follows, it really has a different feel to it. Even though you know something is most DEFINITELY going to pop out from the dark, it manages to throw you off just long enough to make you jump and scream. Male ego and “machoism” aside, it really had me scared in the first half. They say it’s based on a true story. Can’t say as to how far that is true, but I must add that this movie falls through on all expectations anyone could have of a horror movie. It’s speed, progression and over all layout will for SURE make you jump in more than a few occasions. It isn’t lame and has a satisfactory end to it. It hasn’t really raised the bar or anything but it does not disappoint.

A more than decent movie for all those looking for a good scare. Worth the money. Loads of screams. So yes. definitely worth it.The Warrens

The Warrens

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