The Beginners Yoga Guide To Relieve Stress

There is no denying that life can be stressful. From following a busy schedule everyday to juggling various issues, there seems a lot that you need to balance on a daily basis. Also, while stress is mostly thought of as an adult thing, let’s not forget, that our children’s too can fall prey to it, especially when they have to stay up late for their exams, manage school, tuitions & other social activities. Stress is a problem that does not limit itself to a certain demographic and though, there are various ways to cope up with it, one way that has proven to be quite effective is Yoga.

As an ancient discipline that involves various breathing techniques, meditation and asanas, practicing yoga on a daily basis can help to not only improve your physical health but it can also help you to refresh & rejuvenate your mind. Additionally, Yoga can help alleviate stress and anxiety and help you to handle everyday issues in a more relaxed & calm manner.

However, when it comes to relieving stress, there are various yoga poses or routines that you can try out. But, for a more effective result, here is a beginners guide to yoga that can help adults as well as school & college children de-stress their life.

This comprehensive guide provides you with a weekly schedule on the best yoga routines that can help you to relieve stress. Plus, since it is an infographic, you can download the whole weekly yoga schedule for free and keep it handy for daily use.

So take a quick look at this stunning infographic, follow the guide and begin your journey of de-stressing your life!

DE-STRESS YOUR LIFE IN 6 WEEKS [Infographic] by the team at Sudamshelar


About the author: Sudam Shelar is a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai and the Founder of, a website that provides Health & Fitness services. He is a highly competent fitness expert, who is passionate about his work and is one of the most sought after Personal Trainers in Mumbai.

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