Office Yoga: Manipal Nurse

Take a few minutes for yourself and incorporate some Office Yoga

Sideways neck stretch
Move the head to the left, pushing up, as well as across so that both sides of the neck are getting longer. Observe carefully the stretch you’re achieving in the right hand side of the neck. Once that stretch is established, relax into the posture a little, so that the stretch is maintained but effort is reduced. Eyes can be open or closed, breathing is uncontrolled it’s the stretch you’re concentrating on. Hold for a count of fifteen or twenty. Repeat on the other side.

Office yoga: manipal nurse 1
Take A Few Minutes For Yourself And Incorporate Some Office Yoga

Neck twist
Sit upright with the neck slightly extended (without effort). Make sure that the shoulders stay relatively relaxed and turn the head slowly to the left. Extreme effort is not needed, but watch as the stretch accommodates and gently increase the twist as it becomes comfortable. Awareness again should be on the stretch breathe normally. Return slowly to center after a count of around 15-20 and repeat on the other side.

Forwards stretch
Clasp the hands together behind the head. Breathe in slowly and stretch the neck up and back, paying attention to the stretch at the front of the throat. Hold for a few moments with the breath retained. Slowly move forward and breathe out, pulling the head gently down with the hands and moving the elbows closer together. Hold for a few moments and then come back up, breathing in. Pause for a few moments, breathing normally. Repeat the whole sequence once or twice.

Upwards stretch
Clasp the hands together in the lap. Breathe in and push the arms up high, turning the hands so that the palms face up. Make sure that the arms are level with the ears and stretch upwards, holding for a few moments. Bring the arms slowly down as you breathe out. Repeat this sequence once or twice.

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