The Beautiful World of Rubik’s Cubes

3 x 3 rubik's cube

Who does not love the multicolored cubes that have been a source of so much enjoyment, tense moments, and frustration, all simultaneously? Maybe you took hours to finish your beautiful Rubik’s Cube, or maybe you are one of the geniuses who took just a few minutes. It is more likely that you took multiple days to finish it, spending a few minutes at a time on it. Or maybe you never finished it.

Whatever the kind of relationship you may have been in with your Rubik’s Cube, every moment you have spent on it and every moment you spend on it will be worth it. This is because the benefits of solving a Rubik’s Cube are many, including boosting problem-solving skills, boosting reflexes in kids, and enhancing observation skills, among others.

But who knew that Rubik’s cube is so much more than just a multicolored toy with various benefits? Rubik’s cube is much more than just a toy. It is a beautiful world in itself, as it is a memory sport. Moreover, it is not just the plastic cubs that steal the attention, as there are so many options to choose from when you are thinking of a Rubik’s Cube.

The best example of understanding how amazing the world of Rubik’s cube can be is the gancube. They not only make the standard 3*3 or 4*4 Rubik’s cube but also takes the game to an entirely new level with their fantastic series of different Rubik’s cubes, ranging from beginner’s level to professional ones used by Rubik Cubes geniuses in competitions. They change the basics of the sport and make it more challenging by bringing in Rubik’s cubes in the form of a Megaminx Or a Pyraminx!

Rubik's Cube
A Pyraminx and Megaminx Rubik’s Cube from GAMCUBE

Despite all the options there, you must be thinking, “So what, as soon as I know how to solve one, won’t it get boring?” To make sure you never get the chance to be bored of your favorite Rubik’s cube, they have revolutionized the Rubik’s cube space with their different high-tech versions of the cube. Their 2017 flagship, the GAN356 Air SM is the best example. With a record of 5.97 seconds needed to solve it, the prowess and beauty of the cube were proved in Feliks in June 2017!

gancube rubik's cube
The GAN356xInfinity by GANCUBE

If that too doesn’t satisfy your hunger to experiment more with the Rubik’s Cube, with the Infinity Customize cube, you will be engrossed for hours to make the perfect Rubik’s cube for yourself! No matter how much your love for Rubik”s cube is at the moment, with GANCUBE’s massive range of choices, you are sure to fall in love with the beautiful devices that will stimulate your brain for hours to come!

At this point, it is safe to assume that regardless of your level of love for Rubik’s Cube, GANCUBE has you covered for your needs. So, take a deep breath, follow it up with a break from your phones and delve into the beautiful world of Rubik’s cube and give your brain the lovely treat it deserves!

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