The art of over eating

There is help available, and studies have shown that it is virtually impossible to stop without help.

People master the art of living, art of cinema, art of cooking etc. I have mastered the art of over eating. And this I have managed to do without taking any classes and only doing practicals. A great example is what I did yesterday evening.

We landed up at our friend’s place for dinner at around 9 PM. We were immediately given cashews and almonds and before they could even say have some, I ate 20 handfuls of cashew and almonds. While swallowing these, I was given a beer and I used it to wash down the cashews. In the meanwhile, potato chips, rice papads, murukku also came which I happily gulped down. This is all within the first 39 seconds of us arriving for the party.

After this I started on my second beer and our hosts got the Apollo fish and chicken kababs out. While I was having these appetizers, Pani puris with the works – pani, puri, onions, aloo, ragda, cut hari mirch and gods gift to humanity, the sweet chutney, the saunth was served. I ate 16! 2 of them with ABSOLUT vodka. Yummy!

Then came the ragda as a chaat dish! With hari chutney, onions, saunth, and dahi, it was fantastic. Now 156 seconds have passed since we came. Cashews, Almonds, chips, papad, chicken kabab, fish were repeated. I am now on my third beer. While the ragda is on, a full grilled chicken was served. Man that was tasty. Ate quite a bit of the chicken.

I thought this is it. It was then announced that dahi papdi followed by dinner and dessert is yet to come. Somehow I resisted the papdi (that is why did not get an A+ in this practical) but jumped to the main dinner course of chole bature. Note that at this moment, I am completely full but when the chole bature was served, I happily ate many. The chole were spectacular but the bature were even better. Wow! The mirchi achar and onion salad were great. I am now on my fourth beer.

After this, the chicken biryani was taken out. Now as you can imagine I am groaning due to a bursting stomach. But does that stop me from eating Biriyani. No! I had a plate full with raita. Having done this, I started getting a feeling that I should stop. I had to stop such bad thoughts. I had to remind myself that I am trying to ace the art of over-eating course. Rasmalai and Kala Jamun were served as desserts. Groaning and almost being delirious with food, ate one each! Yummy. Fifth beer had magically appeared in my hand at this time.

And finally we called it a night. Indulgence did not stop here. Stopped at a pan shop and ate two paans!

So just to re-cap :- cashews, almonds, chips, papad, murukku, pani puri, chicken kababs, apollo fish, ragda, chicken grill, chole bature, biriyani, rasmalai, kala jamun, paan, beer.

Happy eating.


About the Author: Ashwini Mathur is a resident of Hyderabad. In the past he has worked at GSK Pharmaceuticals as a Senior General Manager and at Novartis after that. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from IIT Delhi, a PhD in bio-statistics from University and College Berkeley, California and an executive MBA from IIM Bangalore.

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