The 1970s Disco Costumes for Women

The pictures of dramatic makeup, immense hair, and silver sequins come to mind right away, when you think about ’70s disco costumes. The period was all about incorporating your passion for energetic club music into the way you look.

A lot of people today opt for the’70s disco costumes when attending charity events or other parties of interest. However, you can as well find silver disco sequins common in a lot of fashions of these days.

Features of Disco Costumes for Women

Why ’70s disco-era disco costumes came about was because of dancing. These costumes were all about looking for designs and fabrics that stand out under the disco lighting in the new dance clubs that all and sundry were discussing about. Lightweight materials like rayon and polyester too turned out to be popular. The gloomier the material, the better it is for grabbing attention on the dance stage.

In the ‘70s, dress codes started at disco clubs owing to the door screening rules. During this period, disco costume was never tolerable for daywear, but a way to be part of the action at night.

Disco Costume Considerations


In the 1970s disco period, trends in hair were the complete Afro style commonly worn by a number of women. This was a kind of look with bursting rounded, poofy short style. Straight, flowy and long was equally an iconic look in the ‘70s.

Farrah Fawcett who happened to be the 1970s sex representation made waves with her long hair and feathered bangs, as far as fashion trends are concerned. Women imitated this appearance, particularly the small layer of feathering located on the sides. Furthermore, fantastically high ponytails embodied that look due to the fact that much of the disco dance period focused on fitness and energy.

Platform Shoes

The platform shoes offered the height required to reveal the dancing poses that made movies popular. As a matter of fact, some shoes are as much as a 4-inch high. Nobody will ever forget the shoes with a lovely floating fish in the heels.

Why odd shoes of that magnitude were popular during that period was because the height of the shoes are at times very heavy for women, making the soles hollowed out for the shoes to weigh less and put less strain on the dancer.


Just like the clothes, makeup was all about getting attention in the ’70s. The 1970s disco period makeup was all about tanned skin and dark eyeliner. Again, brilliant colors were the trend in the 1970s disco costumes period. As a result, give blue eyeliners and eye shadows a try, if you are trying to imitate the style, because the more dramatic, the better. Give hot pink or pale pink a try as lips should be complimentary to the dramatic eye shadow and tanned look.

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