The 11 “Horn’s” of Manipal . . .


In Manipal horn is a multipurpose instrument. It can be used for the following:The 11 "horn's" of manipal. . . 1

1. “I am behind your vehicle” (though you have a mirror to tell you that).

2. “I am still behind you” (though you heard that the first time and several times since).

3.  “I am behind you pedestrians” (and, because I’m so important,you ought to get out of my way, even though there’s no pavement
beside this road).

4.  “I am approaching you on the other side of the road” (it’s rather alarming that drivers think that others on an open road will hear
them before they see them).

5.  “I am approaching a corner too fast.”

6. “The car in front of me has slowed down or stopped” (and sounding my horn will make it miraculously disappear).

7. “The traffic lights have turned green.” (of course there are no traffic lights in Manipal)

8.  “Oh, there’s my friend.”

9. “Oh, there’s a very attractive person on the pavement.”

10.  “I can see a pothole and I’d better warn it I’m coming.”

11.  “I am a very important bus and I want everybody to recognise that fact.” (this is the most important one)


Dear reader, if you have any more horns to add, please leave a comment 🙂

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