Tender Cuisine, tough job

“Yuck… brinjal curry.” “Dude, it’s tomato.” “Tomato?! Why is the gravy blue?”
Tender Cuisine, tough job 1
“Yuck… brinjal curry.” “Dude, it’s tomato.” “Tomato?! Why is the gravy blue?”

The college cafeteria is very much like a whipping boy. Whenever anything goes wrong, the cafeteria comes under attack, and for a variety of reasons. Students find that complaints about food are well received by their fellows. Many a would-be comedian has scored a major triumph over a plate of patli daal and bhindi ki sabzi. Should one consider the daily comments of student diners across Manipal, the resulting opinion of meals would range from poor to lousy. Not that the meals are unacceptable, simply that it would need uncommon strength of character to admit acceptability before one’s comrades.

The ‘Status Quo‘ must be maintained as follows:
A. One must praise cafeteria meals only in the most sarcastic manner.
B. One must utter audible groans of suffering at first reading the day’s menu.
C. Never admit having a second helping.
D. lf seen requesting ‘seconds‘, always remark “I’m starving. Only a starving man could eat this,”
E. When leaving the dining area, always say to the cafeteria people, “Kal kuch achcha banao boss“.

If a student will conscientiously observe these live rules of conduct, he may suffer some pangs of guilt, but he will be at home in any college dining hall. By including some creative changes of  “‘The Rules,” he may well move into the forefront of cafeteria comedy.

Those responsible for providing students a well-balanced bill-of-fare, admit this humorous side-play often goes unappreciated. It is no easy task preparing meals for a large group, particularly if that group exhibits the infinitely varied tastes of college students. How do you make Soya mealmaker palatable to a student who would prefer a diet composed exclusively of Pepsi and pizza?

How to keep food hot and fresh during the long serving period? How to keep within dietary requirements while offering meals that
appeal to the student taste? The list of problems facing the food service is endless. In addition to these everyday problems, the special occasions must be dealt with. Those times when some department  requests a particular meal for its members.

The students may joke about the food, but that joking is more for the ego than the palate.

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