Tell Your Mom How Special She Is with Beautiful Blossoms

The best Mother’s Day gift is a bouquet of beautiful flowers for your mom. Nothing could match flowers in expressing how much you love your mom and how much you care for her. You could buy a special bouquet for your mom and buy the right flowers that have special significance for the occasion.

Some Special Flowers for Your Mom


Since time immemorial roses have been related to motherhood and so these stunning flowers could be the best choice for your mom on her special day. Roses were supposed to be sacred to Isis, the Greek Goddess, who is regarded as the ideal mom. Roses are also associated with Virgin Mary. Pink roses would be symbolizing appreciation, grace, and elegance. Yellow roses would signify joy and friendship. So, gift your mom a bouquet of pink and yellow roses on her special day.


Roses are the most popular and common Mother’s Day gift but your choice of flowers does not end with just the roses. You could opt for the exotic and the elegant lilacs instead. Lilacs symbolize love and bond between the child and the mother.


Iris represents warmth and affection. Iris is associated with Virgin Mary according to some Christians. These stunning flowers often come in a riot of colors. They are available in all rainbow colors but blue and white irises are a more preferable choice for your dear mom on her best day.


Orchids are the most sought after among all ornamental plants. The exotic, graceful, and delicate orchids are known to signify beauty, strength, luxury, love, and refinement. Orchids boast of a mystique that helps them stand apart from the rest. They are truly elegant, delicate, and look almost artificial thanks to their perfection. Orchids are a good gift for your mom, the most important person in your life.


As per Christian legend, it is believed that pink carnations actually grew for the first time from the spot where Virgin Mary had shed tears over Christ’s death. Carnations are, therefore, regarded as a true sign of mothers’ eternal love.  You could gift a beautiful bouquet of white, red, and pink carnations to your beloved mom on her special day. Dark red carnations stand for intense affection and deep love while light red carnations would be signifying admiration. Give your mom these amazing flowers and tell her how much you love and admire her. White carnations are an expression of pure love. A bouquet of carnations could be the best Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Even if you are away from your mom, seek the services of an international flower delivery for Mother’s Day.

Blooming Plants: A Great Idea

While planning for Mother’s Day, you could even think beyond bouquets. You could buy beautiful blooming plants like hyacinths and azaleas. These blooming plants not only brighten the interiors but they are also really easy maintenance plants and would be lasting more than a conventional bouquet.


You could choose whatever flowers you like for your mom. It is important to give the flowers to your mom with love. You must write a nice personal note to her. When you see the smile on her face,it would be your return gift on Mother’s Day.

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