Telemetry: The Every Day Tool You Didn’t Know About

On the most basic level, telemetry is a way of measuring. Most commonly it is used to measure things from a distance. For instance, scientists may use it to measure something in space or high in the sky. Though it may seem like a varied and fairly mysterious process, telemetry is actually all around you.

One way telemetry is used daily is in weather. Have you ever wondered how a meteorologist knows the temperature high in the air so they can predict precipitation? Scientists who study weather use it to measure the conditions of the weather. They will often send weather balloons into the atmosphere that are equipped with thermometers as well as equipment to measure air pressure and humidity. Those temperatures are, as you may know, significantly different than those at ground level and yet they are able to accurately measure them. They use telemetry because it is not only accurate, but also because it is simple.

So you know it works for measuring weather, but how does it really work? It works by combining the right tools to measure something far away. Telemetry is an overall method more than a specific procedure. In the above situation, the telemetry equipment would be the thermometer, humidity scale, and transmitter which then sends signals to a receiver on the ground. The entire setup is a form of telemetry.

It is not just about weather, though. Telemetry is used in any situation where travel to a location is difficult. It may be used to measure temperatures or objects in space, weather conditions on the top of a mountain, or even temperatures deep in the ocean. One of the most common applications is telemetry and aerospace. When you watch the news and hear that an astronaut’s heart rate during a spacewalk was monitored, you now know they were using telemetry.

Telemetry Solutions: How Data Comes To Be

What do scientists do if they want to measure atmospheric conditions in the Antarctic? What about doctors who are responsible for measuring the vitals of astronauts in space, what do they do? Measuring and collecting data from far away is a challenge that comes up all over the field of science, but it also is a problem in engineering, marketing, and even conservation. What do industries do? They seek out telemetry solutions. Telemetry is the act of collecting and recording data from a long distance, but a telemetry solution is the entire process as it is mapped out.

What exactly does a telemetry solution look like?

Consider the example from above. When astronauts are in space, they are under great stress and physical strain. Because of these demands, doctors on Earth are responsible for keeping track of their health. They need to do so, though, when the astronauts are far away in outer space. A telemetry solution is needed. In this case, perhaps the suits can take vitals from the astronauts and transmit the information through a radio signal to computers on Earth. There, a receiver takes the information and translates it for the doctors who can then, in real time, keep track of how the astronauts are handling the stress of space.

Telemetry solutions are key in many industries and fields. To collect data in situations where location is either too harsh or too distant for manual measuring, an entire plan must be put into place. That solution is one that will allow for information to be collected and transmitted efficiently and effectively. This information can be vital in ways we may not even realize from day to day. The astronaut vitals required a telemetry solution, but so does tracking bears in Alaska, keeping track of marketing information in vending machines, and measuring the temperature of water at the bottom of the ocean. Information is all around you, and much of it you owe to telemetry.

Aerospace is just one of the areas where Telemetry solutions are required. There are many other areas where telemetry solutions are actively needed.

Finding Telemetry Solutions for Your Business

Many companies are now seeing the importance of utilizing telemetry equipment to increase growth. With the advances in this form of data communications a company can now get real time information on a minute by minute basis.

Finding telemetry solutions that meet the needs of your business can prove to be a challenge. The telemetry solutions you settle on will directly impact your business for years to come.

One area where many business owners are exploring the value of telemetry is in GPS tracking. These types of telemetry solutions can be an asset. They are currently being used by many government agencies and even airlines are seeking out this type of technology.

When you are considering telemetry solutions for your business it is best advised that you research the type that you’ll need. You can do this several ways including speaking to different companies that specialize in the telemetry solutions you need.

You may be seeking telemetry solutions that include radio modems and Ethernet modems. The person you speak with when looking for these should be very knowledgeable in this area and should be able to advise you on what you require depending on several factors including the size of your company as well as the type of data being collected.

You’ll also need to consider how the data is collected. There are many different methods of collection and the data will be presented in various ways. When you are looking at various telemetry solutions it’s important that you understand the ease at which you can collect and study the data.

Technical issues many also arise and therefore look for a company that offers telemetry equipment that has a strong technical presence. You want to be able to consult with a representative regarding the equipment and any problems that may arise. This is one area that many people may first overlook.

Obviously the telemetry solutions being used by the government will differ greatly than those being used by a retail establishment. Many of the companies that offer this technology will specialize in only one type of equipment. This works as a benefit to those who use the equipment as they are working with individuals who have a thorough and complete understanding of that particular type of telemetry equipment.

Telemetry is all around us, and is one of the most valuable procedures available to scientists, engineers, and even news outlets. Being able to measure things from a distance allows for a more complete pictures without jeopardizing the safety of people.

Finding telemetry solutions need not be difficult. If you know what you need, you’ll have a much easier time of finding a company that can supply you with it.

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