Telemetry Equipment in Conservationism: Only the Start

Telemetry is the measuring of things from a distance and the sending of that data to a remote location. One use of telemetry is in the tracking and study of varying types of animals. Telemetry equipment Is used to track hundreds of types of animals world wide by conservationists, naturalists,biologists, and other scientists world wide.

Experts design customized telemetry equipment to track animals all over the world in a variety of ways. For instance, large animals like whales may be tracked by special transmitters that fit on their fin or tail. The transmitter then sends signals up to a satellite then back to a receiver on earth with a GPS location of the animal. Knowing where the animals are is very valuable to scientists. The transmitter, the receiver, and to a degree the satellite are all types of telemetry equipment.

Another type of telemetry equipment that may be used on an animal is one that measures the vitals of the animal. A monitor is planted in or on the animal and then sends, to a receiver, the information about that animal’s heart rate, breathing rate, or any other statistic the researchers may want. Such telemetry equipment allows scientists to study these animals with without having to take them out of their natural environment which makes the measurements more accurate and easier on the animal.

Telemetry equipment is used in a number of ways. Though incredibly valuable in the study and tracking of wild animals, it is also used in a number of other situations. When you look at the uses by naturalists and conservationists, though, you can see the possibilities in helping humans, tracking information in space and at sea, and simply learning more about the world around us. Telemetry and the equipment that makes it possible are invaluable parts of our ability, as humans, to better understand the world around us.

Recent additions to telemetry equipment include the microchip and monitors. Scientists have been known to use them on animals, to track their behavior and other pertinent data regarding the animals in its natural habitat. Animals of African savannas, as well as whales, are constantly monitored by this method, to gather accurate data on their behavior in their natural habitat. The whales can be tracked down to their actual location using satellites and GPS technology.

The military is another instance which relies heavily on telemetry to gather information. Much of intelligence information is gathered using telemetry equipment.

Tracking equipment is also included in many sports situations. Race cars rely much on telemetry to provide data relevant to speed and engine function. Much of the overall function of a vehicle or device, like a spaceship, can be tracked using telemetry equipment. The procedure also allows for scientists and constructors to pinpoint what actually went wrong if ever something were to go awry.

In this grand scheme of things, it can also be pointed out that all devices which help to collect, record, and transmit, telemetry data can be considered telemetry equipment. Satellites and relay stations thus also form part of this family.

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