TechTatva Day One – A Brain Taxing Day

Weakest link of etiology

The event involves a set of questions to test the knowledge of the participant regarding the phenomena of nature. The interesting thing about the quiz is that the participants are not just supposed to mark their answers but are also supposed to justify them. In short the event revolves around the questioning and reasoning, and the best reasoned answers bag the cash prizes.

Break the maze

This event has a maze of thermocol walls. The bots are supposed to cut through the walls to reach the other end which is definitely not easy as the breaking mechanisms that the bots are quite complex.

Dexter’s den

Dexter’s den is based on analog communication and designing circuits to obtain assigned signals.

It involves a set of rounds wherein the participant has to go through a written exam, in the later stage of the competition, implement their knowledge regarding the subject by constructing circuits to get the waveform assigned to them. Quite a circuit-y affair we may say.

Risky town

As the name suggests, this event commenced with an auction and an unconventional set of questions . The participants bid for materials that they think are useful for the next set of rounds .for the next round, the participants choose projects that they are going to construct varying from airport to a corridor. The participants take risks in their project ideas, which earn them risk points, thus enabling them to win. It is an amazing mock drill for investing in and constructing projects with a restricted budget.

Bug tracker

This was one fun event of tracking the virtual bugs of the digital world. The participants face 3 rounds to win a cash reward of Rs5000 .the first round involves a simple set of codes which they need to decode. the second round demands the participants to decode the code provided to them and run it . the final round involves set of sub rounds wherein they are eliminated after each one ends on the basis of their ability to solve the code assigned to them.


MIT’s own IQ test is quite the show stealer.the event involves 2 rounds. For the first round the participants are given questions involving logical puzzles , basic reasoning and the second round involves set of games that again test their mental ability to solve a particular case assigned to them .

All in all, a relatively taxing day for the brain cells in Techtatva today.


Article Edited by Kasturi Chakraborti

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