Teachers teach, right?

If a student is subjected to the consequences of his actions, shouldn’t professors be held to the same standard?

As a person who tries to see most things in shades of grey… There was always one thing I saw in black and white. A student wants to learn, a knowledgeable professional should teach… right? Well, I thought so… but as I’ve learned, I’m somehow wrong on this one. Go figure.

I always try to help where I can. If I know how to… I want to spread the wealth. Well, isn’t that what professors are paid for? Could have fooled me. Not to say this as a blanket statement… by no means. There are many great professors at my college. Some others are a little too comfortable on their high-horses.

For example, there is one specific professor who by student AND professor accounts truly has a problem. His demeanor is condescending and he will not be “bothered” with students he believes are below his level. I never knew teachers could cherry-pick their students? Don’t students go to college to learn something new? Last time I checked, students did not attend college for kicks.

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If A Student Is Subjected To The Consequences Of His Actions, Shouldn’t Professors Be Held To The Same Standard?

Naming a specific example: Once when asked a question by a student after class, he curtly recommended that the student take a paid lesson from him and stated this student was wasting his time. Since when is a student’s question a waste of a professor’s time? Aren’t students kind of who keep professors in a job? If a student wants to take continued lessons from a professor outside of class, great. But a professor should never bait a student in the way displayed. Aren’t students paying enough in tuition and books already?

The evidence of this truth is that the student involved was me. As well, I have seen this instructor countless times do this to other students. Furthermore, I have heard far worse stories (like failing an entire class). But the best would be when other professors say the same things that students are saying about this professor. In an economy where I’ve seen quality teachers/ professors shown the door, how can someone like this have a job? It’s really disgusting that things like disrespect, self-interest, callousness and ego are the makings of this professor.

I completed my Bacherlors degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) in the year 2002-2003. During the period, I used to regularly keep up a daily diary, the contents of which I cherish to this day. This is an excerpt from my diary, somewhere during my 2nd year at Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Belgaum. Please understand, I am not writing this as a witch hunt. Nor am I trying to burn a professor who failed me (I’ve never failed a class in which I’ve put in some effort). Simply put, I am tired of a bad professor’s actions not having proper consequences. If a student is subjected to the consequences of his actions, shouldn’t professors be held to the same standard? In black and white, teachers teach and students learn.

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