The Taste Of Life

Kindergarden School life is like the first bloom of a plant...

Life is a wonderful experience; all the more so because you never know what is going to happen. Ups and downs give you the thrills and spills. While the blissful moments keep you alive, the sorrow ensures your feet on ground. You fight your own wars each day winning some and losing some but you are a winner because each day you survive is worth a thousand memories, deeds, actions and as precious as gold itself. In and by your own means and ways you make yourself happy and cheer others too. Strange, how every-time you find a brightening hope in a situation when everything goes wrong. You are though bound by some terms and conditions in life; it’s complicated how you give the twists and turns to it as the master’s of your own will. You develop a connection deep down with your heart and brain experiencing a competition between the heart verses brain decision.

The power of the sun in our hands
The power of the sun in our hands

In your own quest to excel, you modify your responsibilities, priorities, emotions, which satisfy your own needs, wants ,expectations and premonitions. You are too unique to be called ordinary, too inquisitive to be called dumb, too affectionate to be called stone-hearted, too kind to be called selfish and too strong to be called a loser.

You are simply just you. You absorb what you get and reflect what makes of you. Even if not; still you try to be happy, calm. Your silence is not just any silence or any symbol but a combo pack of unheard, unseen unspoken emotions. Your eyes telling a different story as compared to your facial expressions.

Like an open book, you wait for someone to know you, read you, love you. Dreams seldom match reality for you. But still, you go on proudly standing (still and for a longer period) amidst all. The time spent with family and friends is a dose of drugs which makes you forget all your hardship and failures. But when you wake up from this; in front of you appears your goal of achieving something in life, so again you start all by yourself from the beginning.”

…Until one day when you find yourself heaven on the earth itself living each moment as if it was your last.


Kabir Jain
About the Poet: Kabir Jain is currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated Programme in Management from IIM, Indore. He’s 18 years old and penning down thoughts is a medium of venting out his emotions and a way of perceiving the happenings around the world.

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