TAPMI Celebrates Holi – Photos from the Camera of Sambit Mohanty

A Picture for the Album of Memories TAPMI Manipal Holi Celebrations

So, it’s you last semester at a B-School in a small hidden corner of the country. You’re brimming with nostalgia of the times you’ve spent with great characters over the past couple of years. How would you want to remember the last few days of your stay together?

These were the thoughts that may have run through the minds of the senior batch in TAPMI, Manipal! And on 8th March 2012, while the colleges of Manipal University were celebrating Holi in the morning, TAPMIites were still sitting in their classes listening to some banal lectures on marketing, finance and such topics or solving various cases and assignments that only a management student can understand!

Boys and Girls smeared with face paint and colored powder pose for a picture during Holi at TAPMI Manipal


A Picture for the Album of Memories TAPMI Manipal Holi Celebrations
TAPMI Manipal girls smeared with colors look on as they celebrate Holi

But at about 5 P.M., what started as a trickle of a few enthusiastic students throwing colors on each other, soon became a riot of colors with boys and girls frolicking in the golden sunshine of the setting sun! The presence of a ‘homegrown’ DJ at the helm of affairs added more energy and vigour to the celebrations!

A TAPMI, Manipal girl student reacts as her face is smeared with color by a colleague during Holi celebrations
Boys with bare chests strike a pose while the girls look on during the Holi celebrations at TAPMI, Manipal
A Girl student smeared with colored powder is splashed with colored water during Holi celebrations at TAPMI Manipal
TAPMI, Manipal girls pose and gesture after covering themselves with colors

It was a good mix of senies and junies, boys and girls , swaying to the music, soaking in the myriad of colours and the temporary respite from ‘academic rigor’.

Happy Holi to all. Cheers

Photos: Sambit Mohanty
Text: Sambit Mohanty (Edited by Vishaal Bhat)

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