The Right Time

Failure on choosing or rather using ‘The Right Time’ is more common than not.In a day to day matter -as in taking breakfast in time or reaching the office/college in time- , we succeed in keeping with the pace of time but taking it in a very broad sense, we usually fail at least I have failed.I remember the days of my internship when I used to work really hard to crack medical entrance.Falling into reasoning of it, I found that laziness during undergraduate led me to this highest level of uncertainty of getting admission into PG.The funniest and most regrettable part is that I couldn’t find any reason for not studying.I mean I was not busy anywhere else.To present it in even worse way, I wasted 4 precious and ‘supposed to be most fruitful’ years of my life.

Somewhat similar thought process evolved yesterday while playing ‘The Master of Orion’.I felt I was not enjoying game very much but was playing because was too lazy to read or do something fruitful.i actually learned from internship experience and made a heavy schedule to be followed in PG.And it was yesterday only when I realized that -‘leave aside the implementation’- thoughts themselves were vaporised. Anyway a new one should do.Lets see.The bottom line that should be followed by the youth is that do everything possible and try maximize the output of your college life because it is THE RIGHT TIME to do that.

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