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For the player who is just beginning to learn the game, online poker is a perfect way to enjoy this great game. It works well for someone who is not yet comfortable with venturing into a live casino, where sitting down at the table can be a bit pricy. Not only that, but playing on the computer lets you learn in the privacy of your home. A quick look at any of the several top sites should convince the first-time visitor that poker online might be a great way to spend a carefree hour or two.

Why? Because Web sites exclusively for poker, as well as casino sites that include poker, provide “play chip” accounts that are perfect for learning. The player doesn’t have to invest anything but time. Come up with a favourite “screen name,” type in a password and, in a few minutes, you can play online poker.

Nearly every site allows the visitor to play directly from the website or download the game software to the home computer. (There’s no reason to be uncomfortable with the idea of “download” and “software.” It’s simple. Really.) Make sure your account has the play chips in it (usually 1500 or 2000), and it’s time to go to the game menu and choose a table.

Today, when most people think of online poker, they think of Texas Hold ‘Em, the variety that has made this classic card game popular around the world. Playing on a casino Web site will give an individual time to learn the details of Hold ‘Em or give the more experienced player opportunity to become better.

Enjoying the game online is almost stress-free because the visitor can return to replenish his or her stack of play chips on a reasonably regular basis. Sites may set some limits on how often the individual can go back to the bank for chips, but this really isn’t a problem for most players.

Online poker at Poker Online POKER369 is different from live poker in a few crucial ways, including the fact that the player doesn’t get the feel of the poker cards games. Of course, the most significant difference is that recreational players who only use play chips are a bit looser (less careful) because, for them, it’s entertainment.

One of the minor differences is that the other players are shown on the computer screen as “avatars,” sort of like a cartoon character or image that represents the person at the table. But in recent years, the Web site designers and “poker room” directors have made the experience very realistic. Players can hear the “chips” clicking, listen to the shuffle of poker cards in games, and, if they want, can talk with the other players by typing in the chat space.

There is another “level” of online poker – playing for real money. In recent years, the best poker sites have become very secure for real-money players, with numerous ways to deposit funds from a bank account or even a credit card. (Be aware that restrictions may apply on credit card use. Some countries around the world have stricter guidelines on this as well.)

The minimum deposit required to get started is usually about $50. Make sure you take advantage of matching bonus money too. Many sites will match whatever amount you put in as a new player. The sites also occasionally offer promotional bonuses. Watch for these too!

Experienced poker players may prefer live play to online poker because the other players are not actually there. One player can’t “read” another player’s body language or get the same feel for the atmosphere of the game. For the most part, online players rely on betting patterns and the odds of getting good hands and bad hands over some time. But excellent Web site design and good site management make the online experience quite enjoyable.

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