Take Care at T.C


Take care at t. C 1I guess there can be no better abbreviation for TC (apna Tiger Circle) which doubles up as an advice. Take care at TC should be the mantra, the advice. Why? Well if you have been there, you know why.

At what point that huge six wheeler machine called BUS, which comes in various colours, more or less the same shape with little variations, and probably always with a man who is at the helm of affairs called driver, would turn, or brake, or not brake, or halt, or zoom past, is anybody’s guess.

Add to that the ever increasing number of vehichles in Manipal, fiery fiesta young drivers with increased torque of their machines, the 6 ways where you can go or come at TC (bring up a mental image and start counting) and you get a heady mix. Not to forget the condition of potholes (caling it road would be giving it much more credit). The heady mix can lead to people getting injured, vehichles getting damaged, stress levels increasing, and sometimes lives getting lost.

The lawlessness with concern to traffic at TC is appaling, to put it mildly.

Should we just witness the state of affairs, share concern about it, become arm chair critics and then go back to the daily routine?

What should/could be done about it?

1. If Manipalites, students, faculty, locals, all included are really aware of the danger that TC traffic poses, first and foremost they should try abiding by rules. Cliche as it might sound, it holds some water.

2. The next important issue would be the buses, the rash driving. A petition, online  perhaps could be signed and forwarded to concerned authorities, beginning from university to police to traffic police.

As the state of affairs exist presently, all of you, please Take Care at TC.


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  1. Very true. There are a number of other measures that can be taken up. A healthy discussion needs to be carried out about it.

  2. Speed breakers should be put at this circle. And, also at MIT main gate, it’s very difficult to cross this road on foot at peak hours, like 8am, with all the rickshaws zooming past you without any consideration.

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