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Robert VadraSun-in-Law!!

Yes, you have guessed it right. If there is any iota of doubt concerning ‘sun’ and Karunanidhi, dispel it. For the sun-in-law is everywhere in the news, he is hogging the limelight and some suggest he is turning out to be the ‘collective embarrassment’ of the grand old party and the government.

Robert Vadra‘s fortune has risen like bright light of the sun. After darkness when first light of the sun emerges, it grows very quick and grows richer in a short span. 50 lakhs in assets becoming 350 crores in a short span is a similar story of the son-in-law of the first political family of the country. The revelation of Arvind Kejriwal might not have hit the collective imagination of a nation hard; given the fact that scams have been a routine affair. But what is startling and almost to a level funny is the way top ministers have come out in defense of the sun-in-law.

Veerappa Moily announcing that he has checked the record books and no wrongdoing is being observed. Kapil Sibal outrightly making Kejriwal a person-non-grate by telling that he makes allegations as a daily affair. Renuka Choudhary cutting a hilarious figure in TV debates. Rashid Alvi who probably does not understand what he speaks. These have probably been instructed by you-know-who to defend Mr. Vadra, who in the meantime is elusive barring a Facebook comment on ‘mango man in banana republic’ , post which he deleted the account.

Mr. Vadra was last in limelight during UP elections when he harbored desires to enter politics. He was put on silent mode after that, thanks to the Congress debacle in the state. But his mercurial rise in wealth cannot be put under wraps. In recessionary times when such meteoric rise can only be in books of history, it is a wrong reason for which he is in the limelight. It will continue doing bad to the already tattered image of Manmohan Singh’s government.

The issue at one level is pervasive of what his nexus with DLF is, what the technicality of Haryana government giving away hospital land is, what the nature of loan he has received is. As an ordinary citizen of the country he has all rights to be in any business, make profits, grow in stature, participate in politics, etc. But despit the fact that one is a public figure and whose conducts and dealings are most likely to be put under scanner, is it prudent, necessary, apt, for a son-in-law to indulge in what appears prima-facie shady, corrupt deals and become sun-in law?

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