Extending a Warm Welcome – Freshers Orientation by Student Council MIT

The past couple of weeks has seen a new and fresh buzz inside and around the MIT campus. The reason for this is that it’s that time of the year again when after the regular orientation program, the new batch of students are now all ready to begin this college life. However, there are many aspects of MIT very closely related to the student which the regular orientation is not enough to answer. For this very reason, the Student Council of MIT has conducted some fresh orientation for this new batch. MB got a chance to sit in for one such orientation.

The orientation had many members of the Student Council, especially the Cultural and Technical secretaries, as they had the task of explaining the various stuff related to those particular domains. As the crowd of students settled into the Sir M.V Seminar Hall, the hosts were engaged in some light and humorous interaction with the students present. Most of this involved with the curriculum change that this batch is facing. “After the kind of support from the seniors even during pre-orientation times and after the first week in college, we are really excited and this orientation sets the perfect tone to start the first year”, said a fresher as she was settling down to the ongoing conversation. The orientation’s main highlight was the first thing to be discussed as the various information slides about the numerous non-technical and technical clubs were displayed. The Joint Cultural and Technical Secretaries explained about the huge diversity present on the campus and how there is literally a club for every interest that a student may have. During the presentation students could be seen noting down the names of the various clubs and in some cases were seen voice recording it. On being asked about how important this presentation was another fresher said, “My head had already been buzzing with all the information I looked upon the net about the various clubs present on campus. Although this presentation has cleared the amount for me, I am more excited now to join my club of interest”.

After the various clubs, was the turn of the various events that MIT hosts and the major ones in which it takes part in. The after videos of both the major fests of the last year were played to give the students a peek into what it’s like to be a part of it. Followed by the videos was the address by the President of the Student Council, Altaf Ibrahim. This address was a classic Altaf Ibrahim performance, confident and well addressed and filled with humor which made a very good impression on the freshers. He talked about the various myths associated with how to balance a college life with both adequate amount of academics as well as extra-curricular activity, and what is experience has been with the Student Council.

“The Student Council looks as a bunch of really helpful people and I think that we can rely on them to be our sole connect with the administration of the college”, was another student’s reply on being asked about the whole orientation. The Vice President of the Council was also there and addressed the students on how and where and what types of grievances can be put up with the council and how they are generally sorted out.

The concluding note of the orientation was all about how this decision of coming to MIT will be one of the best ones that these new students have made and that they will be the only one solely responsible for making it happen. They have to make the best out of their college life and make sure everything goes hand in hand. After the end of the orientation, the Student Council asked anyone who has any doubts about anything to stay behind and had good long one-on-one chats with them.

On asking around, a common consensus among this new batch was simple. Everyone absolutely loved their first couple of weeks in MIT and although the homesickness will take some time to vanish, the regret and lethargy after the 2 continuous years of rigorous studies of the 11th and 12th standard are now gone and they can look forward to having an awesome college life.

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