Strategies To Play Live Roulette Games

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Live Roulette is an online game that, like any game of roulette, contains the element of chance. It offers players a number of games with different payout odds and betting limits. Furthermore, players are able to bet live with the dealer rather than on the outcome of the spinning wheel. This is an exclusive advantage of live roulette roulette

The object of the game is to predict whether the ball will land on any one of the numbers present on the roulette wheel. Players need to choose a number between 1 and 36 or opt for placing an even money bet that is, simply put, predicting whether the ball will fall on red or black. Every game played with live dealers at online casino establishments offers players a chance to place bets on outside bets. These include bets on specific sections of the roulette table, bets on unique outcomes behind specific numbers, and so forth. 

1. Choose the Right Live Roulette Variant

Different variants of live roulette in 888 casino offer different odds and payouts. Players should carefully analyze their betting patterns and identify the roulette variant most suited to their play style. While this, of course, is not an easy task considering a large number of live roulette variants out there. Some of the most popular live roulette variants are:

a. Live American Roulette

In live American roulette, players have a choice between betting on the traditional 36 numbers of the roulette wheel or betting on one of three special sections on the table namely the single zero, double zero and dozen. In addition to these, players can also place bets on special combinations using a unique set of rules.

b. Live European Roulette

The European variant of live roulette features the same 36 numbers of the wheel as any other live variant. Players who place bets on this variant will be paid according to their stakes. The payout is calculated according to the following formula: (2(odds))(bet) where odds = 1/36, bet = stake on the number concerned, and (2 number) is set at 1 for even money bets or 2 for odd money bets.

c. Live French Roulette

In live French roulette, players will have a chance to win bigger than in the other variants. The payout in this variant is calculated using the same formula as in European roulette. However, the number 2 in the formula is set at 36 instead of 1. This means that players who bet right on any one of the numbers presented face a bigger chance to win their bet and receive bigger payouts than they would with any other variant.

d. Live Double Ball Roulette

This is the only variant where the ball is set to bounce twice before landing on a number. Players can make their bets after seeing the ball bounce, or they can opt to wait until it meets its first bounce before placing their choices. The payout in this variant of live roulette is similar to that of European roulette.

e. Single Ball Roulette

This variant is played using only one ball. The ball has a set number of bounces before it lands on a number. The same formula used in the roulette variants mentioned above will be used to calculate payouts in this variant. However, players will only get back half the amount they bet if they lose in this variant. 

2. Learn the Live Roulette Myths

One of the most important things players must do before playing live roulette is to carefully analyze and assess the myth and misconceptions about this game. The main myths and misconceptions about live roulette are:

a. Live Roulette is a Game of Luck

Live roulette is not a game favoring luck as it appears to be sometimes. Players who play the game well will always come up with winning combinations that assure them of huge payouts as well as will enable them to collect high payouts as well as win big money from time to time.

b. Live Roulette is a Game of Mathematics

This is also a misconception about live roulette. The fact that even money bets and odds of 1/36 make it look like a game favoring mathematics, the fact remains that the game is actually governed by psychology and it requires more than knowledge of statistics and calculative ability to play this game well.

c. Live Roulette Payouts are Low

The payouts offered in live roulette vary from one online casino to another. However, the payout is not low. For example, playing live roulette at, players will get 3-4X the amount of their bets. This proves that live roulette payouts are higher than most people think it is. 

3. Learn to Identify Winning Live Roulette Strategies

Players who know how to play the game correctly are able to easily identify winning strategies for this game. Some of the strategies that players can use to boost their chances of winning include:

a. The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system is an advanced technique that aids players to select their bets. This technique concentrates on identifying good numbers on the table and betting against the rest. This strategy is based on statistics and probabilities of which most roulette players are not aware.

b. Matching System

This is another strategy that can be used by players to identify winning numbers on the table. The matching system involves identifying high and low sums on the table and betting against them during specific times of the game. This method can prove extremely effective for players who aim to maximize their chances of winning.

c. Gambling System

The gambling system involves identifying numbers that are close to each other on the table. These numbers are then bet against, or vice versa, during specific time intervals of the game. This method is applicable in specific variants of live roulette.

d. Hill’s System

Hill’s system involves identifying strategies that are likely to bring out winning combinations. This strategy can be referred to as a gambling strategy, but it is dependent more on the psychology of the game rather than on pure statistics. 

4. Perfect Your Strategy

Before placing a bet, players need to analyze the probability of winning in order to determine whether their play is worth it. Some factors could include the payouts, number of lines, total number of bets and so forth. So, it’s always better to take notes before betting. 

5. Get Friended by the Correct People

When it comes to increasing your chances of winning at live roulette, it’s vital that players get their own personal connections with the right people. This way, they will end up playing against people who are serious about gambling online and will be able to win more often than they would have otherwise. 

6. Place Good Bets

Players should always make good bets on the table, rather than make poor ones for getting even money outcomes. This is because even-money bets usually take away the thrill and excitement of gambling, and they do not usually bring out winning combinations.

The secret to winning in live roulette is to take your chances when you’re ahead rather than lose your winnings altogether after betting on a losing number. This means that players should always bet on the winning side as much as possible. Although this strategy is hard to employ, it can be highly effective for those who follow it.

Players should always place bets with at least $20. This is because the payoff on a $20 bet is usually more than that of a $10 or $8 bet. This means that players who gamble with more than $20 will almost always get higher payouts than those who gamble with less than $20.


Live roulette is a lot of fun and can be extremely profitable for those who play it well. To enjoy the game and to win big, players need to know how to place bets, which roulette variants are highly recommended, what live roulette rules apply, the best live roulette betting strategies to use, how to use live roulette online bonuses effectively and so forth.

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