The Making of a Mascot

Now and then, it may feel hectic, when your routine suddenly changes from almost nothingness to one which keeps you occupied every second, not to mention skipped meals, and exhaustion, but  being a person who finds contentment in the having something purposeful to do, all day long, even if it means losing sleep over a project, getting superglue stuck to your hands/pants, et al (sweet pain?), a group of like minded friends and myself were upto the task of making the mascot for this upcoming string of events, we call techweekend v11.02.

The idea of an actual mascot was something which just flashed past, nothing we really thought hard about, but it were these subtle but palpable things, which happened to catch the people’s (and our organizer’s attention). These silly proposals not being enough, we decided to call the mascot, ‘benji’ after Benjamin Franklin whose kite forms the symbol of our organization- IEEE . IEEE.logo
Before it actually got to us that our ‘Benji’ was going to be a reality, we found ourselves collecting PVC pipes/scrap from the workshop. After rows of sleepless nights, brainstorming, and waiting for the shop to open on a Sunday morning, we managed to muster this.

At the end of the day, we really are thankful for the effect of our food court’s coffee; the organizers liked it! The feeling of seeing your creation alive and awesome is genuinely exhilarating, I should say. But wait, they want us to make another big one! Dear Sleep, good night to you.

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