Sruthi Hariharan & Indrajit Lankesh embrace the changes in the city of Bangalore?

Rightly said, change is the only thing constant in this world. If you have lived or are currently? living in Bangalore, you would have surely experienced the change in the city. Bangalore Times with #FlirtWithYourCity campaign caught up with Indrajit Lankesh & Sruthi Hariharan?,? who belong to the film fraternity ? there,? to hear how they have experienced the change in the city and h?ow they celebrate the?ir? city.

Kannada actress Sruthi Hariharan said, “?The city has evolved a lot. Bangalore has embraced anything, which comes its way. It has accepted fashion to a very large extent. I always recommend people to ?dress ?comfortably. ?Personally, I? am ?very ?fond of quirky stuff and love mixing and matching my clothes. Once I even wore a bindi while adorning a shirt ?and ?pant?s?.”Indrajit Lankesh

Filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh said, “?Amidst the change in the means of public transport of app-based taxis, ?I miss the yellow top taxis in the city. The city is rightly titled as the Garden City. It is amazing to have? a beautiful property like? Lalbagh garden, which has around 540 acres of green cover? and? in the form of a botanical garden.? ??I have also experienced ?so much ??cultural diversity in Koramangala?, it is truly an open city?. It has all the requisites that a top metropolitan in the world needs.”

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