Smriti Bhavan: Dr. T.M.A Pai Museum

Dr. T.M.A Pai (Late)
30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001
Smriti Bhavan

How many times have we just crossed this house without ever looking at what it is. I’ll be honest, in all my time here, I never knew the existence of this place or more specifically what it held.  A small trip forced on me changed all of that.  This is the former residence of Manipal University founder the late Dr. T.M.A. Pai. It’s a museum based on his life and how Manipal came to being what it is now.  It contains his belongings and you can feel the memories and elation that he felt while literally watching Manipal come alive.  From what it seemed, a man with such a vision led such an astute simple life.

The entry for the museum is free for all.  I can honestly say that it was an inspiration just going through the whole place.  I never really understood why he’s so revered here..I’m honest. This place just made everything clear.  The way he transformed a literal jungle into one of the most modern campuses in the country is just remarkable.  This place is a must visit for any and all Manipal students and visitors.  It’s located just a bit further in from Dollops and Smiles. I’ve added a collection of photographs that I took inside just to share the place with you.

Pay a visit here before you leave.  A lot of things make sense after.



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