Sleeping sickness and Seeking sleepness

In a true sense Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by an insect Trypanosoma cruzei commonly seen in some of the African subcontinent.Another area where it is common is lecture hall!!I went to attend undergraduate lecture on chemotherapeutic agents for cancers.Though delivery of content by prof. was quite good and comprehensive topic’s own propensity to cause extensive yawning and bouts of sleep superpowered the delivery skills!!I tchallenged the strength my neck to retain my head in erect position 2 times during the lecture!Being a pg sleeping in the lecture hall indicates bad future of mine( at least near future immediately after completion of lecture!)fortunately no serious consequences followed!!But now I have found a solution.Know what?Don’t attend lecture to avoid being caught asleep!!

Seeking sleepness is my own terminology with somewhat diffrent meaning then the true grammatical one.It is applicable to medicine, surgery , orthopedic PGs.Most of them are sleep seekers.They need only time and nothing else.I have seen an extreme case where during morning rounds on post-emergency day a pg was sleeping in standing position till he was asked a question in loud by his prof!!

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