Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim is identified as a one-state from 13 Indian states where we see legal gambling and lottery, and we call it Sikkim state lottery.

This is a small state, and it is placed in the regions of Eastern Himalayan regions in India. Although this state is offering many schemes, Sikkim residents are the only ones who can play the lottery.

Sikkim state lottery offers you a draw of Dear Labhlaxmi. It is happening daily at 6.00 pm, and it has got many Bumper lotteries to celebrate main events and religious festivals. You cannot play this online, but tickets are available there to take by agents around the state.

The games offered here are frequently changing, and you can check out the active draws by checking the Sikkim state lottery results page.

Rules of the Sikkim state lottery

Many Sikkim citizens are playing this, and it is named Dear Morning Lottery. It has daily draws at lunchtime throughout the whole year.

In 1978 Sikkim state lottery was established to guarantee a transparent and fair state among them. So it is running under the federal administration rules. And it runs this one since all the private ones have been banned since 1960.

The idea behind these is to find a method of contribution to social welfare through the gambling business. The earned revenue is used for education and health programs, the state’s infrastructure, and less privileged humans. sikkim state lottery

Mechanics of Sikkim state lottery

Playing these have six times daily draws and bumper draws in a year. Tickets of the Sikkim Bumper ones are more expensive, but they can access easily, and they are affordable.

Daily draws are known as Dear Morning Lottery, and they will happen each day throughout the week. Sikkim state lottery has only six times in a year with governmental regulations bumper will be there correspond to the national holidays.

Sikkim Lotteries

There are so many schemes in the Sikkim government, and those can be named as follows,

  • Derby Weekly – the winner is taking INR 11 00,000 for weekly draws each Thursday. The cost for the Derby Weekly will be INR 50.
  • BigWin Jackpot –INR 10 is the cost on this for an individual and have a prize of INR 21 00,000 for the first prize
  • Dear Morning – this has a greatest prize of INR 25, 00,000 and the cost of its ticket will be INR 6.sikkim state lottery dear early morning

There are also seasonal lotteries named Kali Puja Bumper, Diwali Pooja Bumper, and Sri Pooja Bumper to enhance individuals’ happiness and families in the festive seasons. Other than these paper ones, there are also some online and companies gambling in an idea called PlayWin. It can be named as the first legalized state for online gambling.

How to play in India?

If you have a great interest in online lotteries, playing is possible from international platforms. An example is Lottothrill. They have some of the biggest international items, and their ticket cost will be very low with a low gambling game start.

All of the Indian residents can participate in this gambling when they are over 18 years. There should be an internet connection, and an online is played through mobiles and laptops.

Playing online can be listed with several steps as follows.

  • Each state owns sales of lotteries with their online website
  • Visit such a website seller
  • Choose your ticket quantity
  • Choose the playing members
  • Input the personal data
  • Pay the amount of your ticket (e.g., by your credit card)
  • Wait for your results
  • Earn the winning if you own numbers to win

Where can we check the results?

Results of the Sikkim State lottery are presented online after a short time of the draw on the government website of Sikkim. You can’t buy its tickets from the website, and they will be sold only from the authorized lottery retailers from the state.

How to get the prize of the Sikkim State Lottery by playing online and offline?

Prize winners can get their prizes by submitting a prize claiming form to the lottery’s office of Sikkim State. It has to be within a prescribed form so you can take the prize money most smoothly.

If the prize money is more than 10,000/=, you can claim it from the same office using the Prize claim form. Winners can download their prize claiming forms from the official website of Sikkim state called

Always follow these steps in claiming your prizes.

  • Filling the claim forms clearly with capital letters
  • Make sure to mention your name, address, and signature on ticket’s back.
  • Fill the correct address with pin codes, the correct name of the lottery, drawing number, date, and other important details of the claiming prize.
  • An affidavit taken from a 1st class magistrate, notary public, or an oath commissioner is crucial.
  • You need to 3 passports-sized recent photographs with identity proof.
  • A photocopy from the filled claim form, affidavit with other claim documents attached with the original claiming papers

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