Signs You are Dating a Feminist – Are you the ‘Man’ in the Relationship or is she?

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Kissed goodbye are the days when women were submissive to men. Since feminism set foot on earth, many people believe that men and women are equal (or at least they should be equal). Feminism is no longer a ‘ladies only’ territory. Recently, some men have come out openly as feminists. Different people have different opinions about feminism.

While the supporters of feminism argue that it is a way of empowering women, others say it is a way to degrade men. The fact that a feminist woman may dump a man without shedding a tear leaves some men quite disturbed. So, how do you know that your sexy Asian girl is a feminist? Well, there are certain standard signs that rate Asian women hot as either feminists or not.

Signs you should watch out for

  • Desire to be independent

Feminist hot American Asian women don’t need a man to have a life. At least that’s what they say! This doesn’t mean they hate men. In fact, some feminists get married, have kids, and make beautiful families. But a feminist can comfortably live without relying on a man. It sounds like a bitter pill for men to swallow.

  • Being career-oriented

Her career comes before a couple of things. In fact, hot feminist Vietnamese girls will not ask their guy to give a hand in building their career. They build their careers even when the man doesn’t exactly approve of them. When there is an important task ahead, she tries to fulfill that task as well as her career, rather than leave her career for some time.

  • A tendency to criticize sexist movies

Hot Vietnamese women who happen to be feminists openly criticize movies that they view as sexist. Normally, they better watch movies that don’t idolize men or those that have powerful women as main characters.

  • Likes to settle or split the bill

The traditional role of a man as the ‘one to settle the bill’ can be dropped when a man tries to date a Vietnamese girl. Why? A feminist may insist on settling part of the bill if not all of it. When you are the man, don’t think she is trying to show disrespect. She pays because she can do that.

  • Loves to dress to express

Most feminists know they are beautiful (even when they are not). A feminist can spend a good amount of time choosing a sexy dress and applying a variety of makeup. Thinking she is doing this to impress either her partner or another man is a gross misinterpretation. She dresses to please herself or to whisper something to the world through her dress code.

  • Speaks out her mind

If you happen to look at pretty Vietnamese girl pictures so as to date one, you may consider a girl a feminist if she stands her ground and says ‘no’ to ideas that go against what she believes in. This doesn’t mean you are dating a rebel though. In real life, feminists are quite good listeners. But if she doesn’t want to do something, forget about making her do it just because she is a woman.

  • Needs to be sexually satisfied

Pleasing a man during sex happens not to be a feminist’s cup of tea. She gets equal- if not more-pleasure from sex as the man does. When it is not going her way, she asks for what she wants in a pretty shy-less way. If the man waits for too long, she does not hesitate to initiate.

Heart-warmers or heart-breakers?

With all the controversy surrounding this touchy subject, feminism is not exactly some dark destructive force, and dating a feminist from an Asian girl dating website is not a herculean task. A little understanding is all it takes. Feminists know men and women are not the same, they just believe they should be equal.

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