Should games be placed on more exercise machines to help gym goers pass the time?

Sometimes, people need a little bit of encouragement in order to be able to exercise. Some people listen to music while working out but that isn’t enough sometimes. Listening to the same type of music on loop for hours can be a bit boring unless you have a really long playlist. Thankfully, there are some machines at gyms now that not only help burn the calories away but also provide entertainment through gaming screens.Games on exercise machines

There are a lot of machines that already use this strategy. Stationary bikes in gyms have integrated poker or blackjack games on the dashboard in order to give players entertainment with every roll of a dice or hand of cards

Games that are usually played in the casino are probably the best ones to place on the dashboards of machines in the gym. They’re easy to play (slot machines only need one button to be played), and are extremely relevant according to InterCasino, who, in a blog post said that blackjack is so popular that some gaming providers on the Internet set up their sites exclusively for the card game. There’s also no need for groundbreaking graphics to operate them. Casino games don’t need a complicated storyline in order to be engaging; they just need a smart computer AI in order to provide gym goers a challenging experience while exercising.

If all stationary bikes and treadmills have poker or blackjack on their dashboards, exercising would be easier, especially to those who are new to having a healthy routine. Games, after all, are good motivators given their popularity to different markets. There’s this negative connotation that playing video games too much can make people unfit. That may be true for people who sit on the couch for countless hours, but not for those who use games as motivators inside the gym.

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