Short Story: The inhumane humanity.

“Bye Abbu!”, He waved.
Abdul left the house with a warm smile. Just then Nida came running behind him, ” I am also coming with you. I need a waffle and a ride on the horse near the mosque.”

Abdul said, “Son! You are sick. You need to stay here with mom”. But Nida didn’t listen, he walked fast leaving his Abbu behind.

Adbul smiled, “Fine okay! But no ice cream today. You are sick.”

Nida smirked, “Okay”. He shouted to his mother, ” Mom! I’ll see you later.”

His mother waved back and sent them off.
As they were walking, Abdul brought a waffle for his son. He was eating and walking happily. He then asked, “Abbu! Can we go to the beach this weekend?”
Abdul who was thinking something, “Yeah, if you get well”.

Abdul went on thinking. He was worried about his own financial matters lately but thanks to his friends he had improved. He could afford a decent education for his son. Nida wanted to be a doctor. Abdul was happy that he could fulfill his sons desire. As they were walking, he met a few of his friends and waved to them. Most of them were coming back from the mosque. He knew he was late. He hastened his pace and started walking faster.
Abdul and his son reached the mosque. They start praying.

3hrs later,
Abdul’s wife was chopping vegetables. She was happy. After a long time, she was making her son’s favorite Kheema Pulao. She hears her landline ringing. She answers it simultaneously chopping a carrot using her thumb finger as a base.
Beads of perspiration appear on her forehead. She drops the knife and the carrot as the unknown person continued speaking. Ramya, her daughter returned from college at the same time. She turned on the TV. The news channel popped up. There was a lot of commotion happening in the mosque. Ramya read the headlines. Gun firing at Vibhog mosque. 49 dead on the spot. Her mother collapses immediately. Ramya hurries to her mother and picks up the phone and heard the man telling, “Abdul is dead. The boy is suffering from a major injury.”

Sometimes humanity seems to be non-existent.

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