Selecting a career

Choosing your Career
Always make it a point to take the career related tips from none other than professionals who are associated with this field for quite some time now.

Selecting a career means deciding the type of occupation you want to do for the rest of your life. Animals do not have a choice – only humans. Human beings consist of body and mind which help us achieve our goals. Both instruments need adequate nourishment. The body needs physical comfort , the mind needs emotional satisfaction and motivation to keep you excited and innovative. Only when there is a balance of both can you expect happiness and success. These have to come through the career you select.30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001

The occupation selected should be capable of providing:

(1) adequate money
(2) emotional satisfaction and
(3) constant motivation.

If any of these are absent it would lead to frustration and unhappiness in life. Excess of any one without a balance of the other two would also lead to the same result. Of the above nourishment for body and mind the foremost is emotional satisfaction and motivation. You may have a lot of money and still be unhappy but you will find people willing to settle for less money if they find a job exciting. How to go about selecting such a career ? Each human being is blessed by the Lord with a unique inborn natural talent. If you can identify this talent and develop it you succeed marvelously (Look at Sachin Tendulkar !) Such talent is revealed in your passions.

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Make a list of all the things about which you are passionate- (things which can make you get up very early morning without being woken up! ).

My Passions                                                                Activity type
Singing/ playing                                                                Music
Painting / dance                                                                Arts
Cricket                                                                                 Outdoor Sports
Commenting                                                                      Sports
Modelling                                                                           Fashion
Making models                                                                 Engineering
Mathematics                                                                     Sciences

In this listing of passions your parents/ teachers / friends (those who have shared your life with you) will give you valuable inputs. Once you have completed such a list give each passion a ranking. Select the first four ranks of passions and go on the internet. Type in the name of the activity ( eg Sports careers) and you will find a plethora of career options available. Note down those careers which are interesting against each passion. Example if your passion is sports but you have interest in injury treatment you could type “Sports, injuries, careers” – and watch how many options pop up on the screen! Explore each option and identify which one suits your personality.

Make a short list of the most desirable options (at least three options) and find any person who is involved in it. Talk, explore, note, discuss – use every possible means to get the maximum information about your passion and the options you have shortlisted. Reduce your options to just two. Now that you have focused your attention – go to the next step.

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An activity consists of thinking and doing. The thinkers are those who are more adept at using their minds, whereas the doers are more adept at using their body to get results Eg: Coach and Footballer. What category do you fall into ? Talk to your parents/ friends/ teachers / guide. They will give you an insight into selecting your passion and making your life enjoyable ! Best of luck !!!

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  1. How career moves impact ones future is one thing that we can not undo. Apart from external support how one young mind thinks rationally or has to think is what I read here. Great job. Positive thinking. Best part is the logical explanations used with simple examples. Feed for hungry young mind. Excellent.

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