Scenic gorge of Papi Hills

welcome to the journey to Papi hills or Papikondalu! The beautiful scenery graced by the cloudy hill tops and the calm Godavari flowing in between , taking its visitors to an earthly heaven. Papikondalu are distributed among the East Godavari, West Godavari and Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh.


the morning fog..!!!


 The Journey started with a foggy road inviting us into the hills full of greenery and life.

journey starts


The road journey gets even more exciting with its exotic views and the green farms along the highway which fills the journey with awe of the beauty and the landscape view of bright morning blue sky and the flush green fields with mountains on the background.


view of hills from the fields


Who would not want to paint such a view on the canvas? I am sure all of us had our days of painting the mountains with water streaming down its slope with plants beneath the hill and the sky in blue. 🙂



As the journey proceeded the views got even better with the beach that came our way and mind you its a place you got to visit if you want the peaceful stay at the beach with no chaos unlike the commercial money making destinations.

boats getting ready for the journey


After the arrival at the beach the boat ride awaits  that take you through the mountains showing lord Shiva’s idol, Munivaatam waterfalls, Polavaram project site and many more views perfect to be clicked just in time before the sun gets to shine bright.

River Godavari


The Godavari region has had its share of calamities from floods to draughts this land has surely seen the ends of extremities.




For people who like to experience the essence of the place and take in the feel of the mighty river and the hills can stay at the huts available at the bay on the sands.



Here are a few pictures that will describe more about this beautiful peaceful destination.






do see the tiny boat..!!



After the boat ride one reaches the shore and the way back along the sun setting among the mountains is one thing that should not be missed.

sun hiding behind clouds


on the way back



sunset waving bye..!!


And thus ends the journey through the Papikondalu. Hope you enjoyed the picturesque journey as much as I did.

Thank You for reading my article.

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