Safe to be Unpopular: Virtually There – V3

This version is highly inspired by the huge debate that took place during our evening snacks. I thankfully work in a place where food is also given equal priority with the work. Occasional eating breaks have become part of our lives. We sit together and chit-chat for long hours. If some topic, like the one which I’ll discuss shortly, comes up, breaks just get longer!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT) – V3, version three, charity always begins at home!

Like VT-V2, I and you are still part of the story, along with it, now, I add the society!

We see a lot of Government Offices (GOs)/Non-government Offices (NGOs) striving hard for making our society better. Lot of fund is raised. We see eminent persons launching the initiatives. We see politicians showcasing these undertaken projects in their propaganda speeches. We see celebrity run marathons. We see religious heads doing best of their efforts. We see media trying to provide “breaking news” in this cause as well!

Did the beggar whom we saw day before was in the same road yesterday? Did we hear about yet another scam? Did we see the worst dreams of riots in our neighboring state? Did the kid carrying the stone in a construction site go to school? Did we read about ban of cigarettes in public? Why do these kinds of questions never end? What have we given back to society?

This is how the debate went. One of us argued that “trusts” that claim to bring about changes should work with government. Another was quick in replying that as the government is failing to deliver, these organizations have emerged and some use it for their own benefit. Corruption involved in selection of bureaucrats was one of the allegations. Debate only got dirty. My friend stood to leave the venue. We made him sit!

It was dusk, sky was red, cool breeze, and I guess, the time was right to light the lamp.

From today, let’s think V3- we three. We both will join hands in restructuring the third, the society. Let’s not forget that, we have come up here and probably we will settle in the same dust. Let’s not disown it. We will clean it, repair it, and importantly, be for it as it has always been for us. We will make it as our home. Let’s all of us make a little silent impact. We need not hold mikes and march the roads to bring the change. Because, it’s truly said, barking dog seldom bites!

Adlai E. Stevenson once said “A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular”!

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