Sachin wakes up as 15 year old, India goes crazy

Sachin starts practicing at Shivaji Park again as a 15 year old

India went into wild celebration’s this morning  after Sachin Tendulkar woke up as a 15 year old boy. As soon as the news broke out, huge crowds gathered outside his Bandra residence in anticipation to see the little master as a teenager again. Soon the news was flashed all over television channels of India, and experts around the world debated the causes and effects of the miracle. The whole of India went into frenzy and the daily life came to a standstill.27 International bowlers immediately started typing their retirement letters after hearing the news.

According to reports, Arjun Tendulkar was the first to find out the miracle. This morning when he woke up, he found his mirror image next to him on his bed ( except for the curly hair). A scared Arjun ran out of the room and complained to his mother. An equally scared Anjali called the neighbors to throw the Sachin lookalike out of the house. The neighbors when they arrived even doubted if Arjun had slept with jilmil ( Priyanka Chopra) from Barfi.

Sachin starts practicing at Shivaji Park again as a 15 year old
Sachin starts practicing at Shivaji Park again as a 15 year old

But Sachin, being a GOD, knew what had happened to him. With billions of people wishing to see more of Sachin’s batting, he transformed himself into a young star overnight. He granted a wish to his fans – who had shed millions of liters of tears in the last 24 hours – that he will play 200 more test matches before retiring.

Later after convincing his family members and neighbors about the situation, he sent a letter to BCCI to take back his retirement. A shocked BCCI was left with no choice but to accept it. Rahul Gandhi later told media that, ” The retirement letter that Sachin sent to BCCI yesterday was complete nonsense, and it must torn and thrown away.”

Even Sachin critics were very happy to get their job back. Sachin however was unavailable for comments. It is expected that his bat will do the talking again.


All the facts mentioned in this article are fiction. But you already knew that. Didn’t you?

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