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Need is the mother for all inventions. Each invention undergoes thousands of researches. All of us would have heard about the famous story behind the invention of an electric bulb. Hundred failures were not disheartening for Edison. He had seen the light at the end of tunnel!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT), version eleven, in a research mode!Research mode: virtually there- v11 1

I had been fortunate enough to present an IEEE research paper on Cloud Computing in a recently concluded conference. This was my first experience as a presenter in a conference of this magnitude. I was thrilled the day invite had come; presenters were listed in specially invited speakers list, me being one of the selected seven!

Sam Pitroda, father of Indian telephony – regarded for telephone revolution in India, also chief scientific adviser to prime minister, was the keynote speaker for the conference. He didn’t let us down. Trying to be politically correct, he managed to encounter both positive and negative questions, in his typical articulate, intellect and inspiring style. There was a time when he couldn’t resist saying-“Trying to find problems in India does not require talent”!

Interesting ideas kept coming throughout the event. Regulations, standards, future of computing, applications, optical fibres, infrastructure, rural betterment with cloud, healthcare empowerment – these terms kept repeating. Every researcher out there tried to benefit mutually from each other’s work and I could see lot of business cards being exchanged. A lady from USA, a working member of IEEE, who was in charge of registrations on day one, showed me the podium in the spotlight midst of 2 giant king size screens, where I had to present before the best audience, sending a chill down my spine!

My work was co-authored by my teacher, ex-MIT lecturer, entrepreneur, founder of TransInn Technologies, Kiran Cornelio. Lot of time went in for preparing the slide show (also!) as we had realized the quality of the conference beforehand. We had a challenge to deliver our research in a best possible way for this august gathering. And without doubt, we achieved what we aimed!

This conference gave me a chance of hearing from Dr. S. Ravindran, CEO of eGovernance for Govt. of Karnataka. His vision for eGovernance was impressive, particularly, his work on making the complete CET process online (or to rephrase- putting complete infrastructure in cloud), interlinking of ambitious aadhar project data and many more govt. initiatives on cloud.

For a while, I really felt that India has a bright innovative future. Was it because of the ambiance of the conference? Or was it because of the good hospitality provided? Or was it because of the excellent food served? Or was it because of flurry of ideas that flowed? Or was it because of the promise every research carried?

I will take my time to think, till then, I will eagerly wait for your research!

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