Renegade Angel – Gaurav Deka


Renegade angel - gaurav deka 1Serendipity follows her like a shadow, unasked.

So perfectly guised as a boon, though a curse

She falters not once but a thousand times.

Upon gilded edges of fatal deception.

Abandons herself in a subterfuge of innocence,

Allowing herself to be led…benumbed.

Ridiculously in the eyes of her world

She chooses to live a paradox…

She chooses to live as though she were never alive.

She gifts her life away,

As the life-breath of distorted perception.

She’s sickening, angelic as she is,

A mockery of the times.

This renegade angel…

Revels….in damnation.


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  1. my ma is this all you want for your life, an eternity without love, never hear the laughter of a child, but condemned when all was provided that u could be free, outnumbered we, but victory stirs just a prayer away in Christ.

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