Rebuild Daman: Make the Manipal Difference

Reconserving the Himalayas:

If you visited Daman village in Nepal even a month back, you would experience breathtaking views, rhododendron forests and tranquility that only the Himalayas can offer. It is like any other village in Nepal- the 110 villagers who live there depend mostly on farming and tourism for their livelihood. After the Nepal Earthquake hit on 25 April 2015 however, the village has almost been decimated. The fear of death lingers in the air because of sporadic aftershocks.Daman Nepal

While there have been no human casualties, all the houses have collapsed to the ground and many of the cattle have been killed. Imagine if you can the plight of such a small village where cash is not liquid but invested in land, property and houses. The people of the village are currently left to live under the open skies.Daman Nepal 2

The monsoons in Nepal are yet to begin but the rain has already started pouring and is getting heavier with every passing day. The people of the village are in desperate need of food, water, medicines, clothes and tents. A single family tent approximately costs Rs. 6,500 and we need to raise money for these as well as other key relief supplies to provide short-term shelter for the people of Daman. A roof over a person’s head and a safe, dry place to stay temporarily will go a long way in assuaging fears and maintaining hygiene which is the key concern.Nepal Earthquake

What we urgently need to do is raise money for the village before monsoons hit. We have settled on a modest sum of Rs. 75000 which will go a long way in immediate relief efforts. The return on this priceless- blessings of those who have been rendered homeless and perhaps the odd instance when we actually get to make a difference.

One of the great things about being in a place like Manipal is being in the company of young people who are filled with passion to change the world. We may be students but the no amount is too small to donate. Whether it is merely giving up one lunch at Dollops or a drink at Deetee, every 100 rupees makes a huge difference! If all the students contributed small amounts, I am sure that the target can be achieved in a single day! This I believe will make the Manipal Difference.Nepal Earthquake Daman

This money may not suffice for all rebuilding efforts, it is a small step in the right direction. The world can start helping Nepal, one village at a time. Let’s start with Daman.

About the Author: Hamsini Hariharan studies at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University. The crowdfunding campaign is to help friend, Sapan Hamal, a social change worker who works as a radio host at Equal Access Nepal. As a native of Daman, he has lost his home and is now coordinating relief efforts at Daman. Your donations will be handled by him and directly reach the people of Daman.

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