A Brief Respite VI


A brief respite vi 1

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Time of Day : 6: 50 pm
Lens: 70-300mm
Focal Length: 119 mm
Exposure:  1/500
F Number :  f/4
ISO: 200

The breeze sweeping through our hair,
The kind sunshine streaming in;
Your fingers entwined in mine,
The warmth and light, makes me smile.

Shared music: sweeter & crisper,
Shared glances and shared whispers.
Shared experience of beauty and innocence,
Shared laughter and shared silence.

Brief were the moments,  briefer their recurrence;
Your greatest strength was my greatest weakness.
All I could do was tremble and wait,
Alas! The price we might pay determined our fate.

Each passing day, each passing moment
Never callous yet strangely indifferent
The tendrils hardens and a numbness develops;
The riot of colors dim, the darkness envelopes;
Reality sets in.

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A Final year PGDM student at TAPMI, Manipal, Sambit Mohanty is a passionate photographer who loves traveling when he is not busy studying to be the next big Management guru :)

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