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Photography is a wonderful time full of creativity and discovery. It is an art where one expresses their perception through frames and every photo has its own story that it conveys but from a photographers point of view.

A photograph can be interpreted in different ways just like a poem but only the poet has the key towards his/her point of view. The magical part about a snapshot captured is its visual treat to the viewer making it easy for them to visualize the perception of the photographer of varied nature.

If there existed something called a perfect picture then we must say perfection is something that has a different definition on its own for different people but the perfection in every field comes by skill at work over time. So the perfect pictures that come across go through series of negative clearing to come across as the picture perfect snapshot.

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Be it a random shot or a portrait or landscape it comprises of the stages that has to be followed to get the frame desired by the photographer.

The following steps are the basics involved in making a perfect picture for beginners.

Photography is all about the right composition, the subject, focus, color and the lighting.

Composition is “something that is created by arranging several things to form a unified whole”. The composition of your photograph is the combination of elements coming together to create the whole image.

Lighting is photography. Photography is the art of capturing light reflected from subjects onto a film or digital frame.
The world is in color. Sometimes the colors are white, black, and grey, but it is still color surface. Color is life and the life captured in the picture is defined by the color.

Focus defines the clarity and the haziness of the picture.

The most important of them all is the subject. Choose your subject and according to that adjust your light settings, focus and the color of your picture with your background details in the frame and there you go your perfect snapshot ready!

We the photography team put forward our perfect snapshots. Everyone on the team have a varied desire for photography but one thing that unites us together is us working as team along with our lens wanting to capture every moment perfectly with its own story told and untold.

We invite each and every one who has interest in photography and want to showcase their talent to send in your photos to us and we will be pleased to publish them on our blog.

Send them to us at [email protected].

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