I believed this phenomenon to be the most cursed climatic scenarios mankind faced when i was 10 as it constantly kept me indoors and used to eat up my summer vacations…The common line of the day was “Rain Rain go away..Avinash wants to play today!!!”. But over the years it sure has found a special place and why wouldn’t it,given I have become so lazy that i actually appreciate virtual movements to real ones …Heights of laziness truly …!!! Also when you live in a double bedded furnace the rain just about provides the heavenly experience you crave..

The rains at manipal provide an overdose of rains though.You have to literally have your umbrellas open at all times as it hardly takes 5 seconds for the heavens to pour down from a scenario, any weather reporter would tell you..”it aint gonna rain today”.The suspense factor though thrilling at times ,more often than not leads to people calling out to mothers and sisters of an unknown entity.The season is also very good for enhancing your theft skills as the umbrellas just keep flowing from one hand to the other .It actually gets so crazy that you will find a guy carrying a pink barbie umbrella and when asked says -“are yaar ye toh behen ka hai..ghar se laya hun” and ya i do believe him!!!!

the rains have made their way into manipal and we sure are in for an awesome endsem!!! 🙂

Originally posteed at the Authors personal blog: Avin for Immortality


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