A Raindrop in the Ocean

I feel love , when I see those little dew drops on the delicate petals of the

The sky is God’s canvas,
the spectacular colours beautifully add to the serenity of the flowing river.

dahlia and orchids.. I feel peace.. when I sit under the gulmohar trees , awe spreads across my face when I see the yellow flowers scattered all over the way.. the light breeze that makes my hair to dance in the wind.. I love the rains..

Every child awaits for the very first rain of the year.. when the little drops of heaven come down to soothe the heated earth. The lovers long to take walks in the drizzles.. holding hands and making vows of togetherness and faith.. children splash here and there , unadulterated happiness sparkling in their eyes.. and their cries of joy that pep every mother’s heart.

The group of friends that drag that one friend who is unwilling to come , driving to the favourite spots in the city , drenched in rain.. and that one cup of masala chai and pakodas , a memoir they will never forget.. running along hill tops and wilderness.. fulfilling their dreams of flying as the wind rushes into their face.. their spirit set free as a bird.

In the midst of all this , the mother stands at the window, taking in the view of the picturesque scene she sees ahead.. thinking of the life she is living now, she smiles ; grateful, because she knows in her heart , the rains are the tears of happiness that mother nature sheds , when she sees the joy on our faces..

The grandparents who sit in the veranda , recollecting and reminiscing all the moments of tender love and care they shared ,as children , as adults , as a family and now.. looking at their future shining ahead of them ; they smile sadly , knowing that they can’t have enough time to spend with all their loved ones. A small gesture made and the nephews and nieces surround them, knowing its time to listen to the stories full of adventure. A speck of contentment sparkles in their eyes and now they know that they can be a part of the earth in peace, just like the raindrops as they seep into the ground..

Its a blessing for us , that Gaia is here for our every need. I really feel we should thank her, deeply , for fulfilling our every need , our every dream which is accomplished could not be done without her support. The way we are taking mother nature for granted and exploiting the resources she lent us, aches my heart. For a shining future , only talks are not enough. We need to do what it takes to make one. Care for the earth , and she will shower her care on you. Love her , and she’ll love you back.

Take an initiative today , and we’ll have success tomorrow.

Peace. Love. Empathy. This is what we need today , and what we can provide.. its all i can say.. we can’t be both who commit the mistake and place the blame..

All I’d like to say in the end is,

‘don’t keep waiting for a miracle, BE the miracle.’

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