Racism and Football


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RACISM – Its been a major issue in the present day. Anywhere you go, you have it in the front. Some issues come out in public but some don’t. Those that are out are really on a large-scale and people really don’t tolerate such comments. Gone are those days.

Latest victim RACISM was football. Luis Suarez of Liverpool Football Club and England and Chelsea Football Club captain John Terry both being involved in the racism row.

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During the match between Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC, there was this incident involving French International and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez. What looked to be an exchange of words in the heated situation on the pitch was later found out to be a racist remark passed on by Luis Suarez on Patrice Evra. The result a whooping 8 match ban on Luis Suarez by The F.A and also a hefty fine of £40,000.

In another incident involving John Terry and Queen Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand, John Terry was accused of making a racist comment and now is set to face criminal charges. The outcome of this would be John Terry surely loosing his captain armband of England and also missing some matches for his club. The FA has been very strict on Luis Suarez on the alleged racist comment and would surely not let go the captain too.

Both the players, John Terry and Luis Suarez have denied any wrong doing pertaining to the racist comment which the opposite party claim to have done. But the fact remains that, they both have been charged for what they have done which is totally uncalled for. Its a game of football which must be taken in the right spirits rather than spoiling the beautiful game with these unethical things.

Liverpool Football Club have issued full support to Luis Suarez. Their manager tweeted today saying – “Very disappointed with today’s verdict. This is the time when @luis16suarez needs our full support. Let’s not let him walk alone. KD”. Suarez missing 8 games would mean Kenny Daglish will have a lot to rely on Andy Caroll who has not featured ahead of Suarez this season.

On the other hand, John Terry has been charged but is still innocent until proven guilty. He will be appearing in the West London court on Febraury 1st after which we shall get the speck clear picture as what will happen. Chelsea Football Club and their manager Andre Villas Boas have also backed their captain in the same.

Finally, just hoping not to see any more of these events in future and if arises must definitely be punished.


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