Questionable Path: Mechanical Engineering at MIT Manipal

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and is also sometimes known as the “Mother of all Streams” of engineering. It was also one of the first courses offered at MIT, Manipal. Considered as the “royalty,” it is one of the most prominent branches here in terms of both the number of students and the faculty involved.

The faculty of this branch consists of the most experienced professors in the whole of MIT. This faculty is also considered the best in the college. This course falls under the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and has Industrial and Production Engineering as its sister branch. Like every other branch, of course, this too undergoes a revision of curriculum after every 4 years to make it more relevant according to the industrial and professional domains. The primary curriculum of the branch begins in the 3rd semester, with subjects such as Thermodynamics, Kinematics of Machinery, Basic Material Science, and Manufacturing Technology. The labs for this semester include CAD & CATIA Lab and workshop. The workshop continues into the 4th semester along with Mechanical lab and a Strenght of Materials lab. The subjects are mainly a continuation of previous themes with Dynamics of Machinery, Maths, and Thermodynamics. Basics of Automobile Enh=gineering and Fluid Mechanics also start along with it.

The 4th semester also introduces the Open Elective subject, choice of which is based upon the first year CGPA. This subject consists of courses offered by the other branches, other than the Mechanical department. As per the revision of curriculum in 2018, the Open Elective subject is no longer evaluated in the calculation of the semester GPA. The third year in the branch consists of lesser compulsory subjects which include the likes of Machine Design, Turbo Machinery, CAD/CAM, etc. This year consists of 2 Program Electives in each semester which are related to different subfields within Mechanical Engineering. The student can give his/her preference according to as the subfield they are most interested in. The even semester adds in another elective subject along with the program electives. The workshop continues in the 3rd year, along with Heat Transfer labs and more software designing techniques. This branch offers a good number of project works and research under the faculty at any point of time in a year. Even during the project in the final semester, the options are there.

The placement scenario of this branch, however, doesn’t reflect its size in the college. The number of placements in this branch is not as large as the computer-related branches, even though there are several good core industrial placements involved. Students also go for other non-technical jobs or get selected in mass-recruiting IT companies. Apart from all of this, the scope of improvement of the technical skills is tremendous as there are several mechanical work related student projects and technical clubs, which are a significant addition to the CV. The number of opportunities for growth for a student in this branch.

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